Stay away from ple? Nov you can get a discount and 15 percent

According to the newly valid civil law data from the applicant of the congress, you will be compensated for the loss of the joy of the holidays for the spoiled holiday and emotional property. What discount can you claim?

In connection with the agreement on the congress, thanks to the new civil law, the right to reimbursement of the code, which arises at his initiative, has changed significantly. The applicant, ie for example a travel agency, is responsible for fulfilling the obligations arising from the contract, ie for example for the defects of the exit, do not exclude, for example, the missing pool, which was promised, or spoiled food.

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The first guarantees the customer to replace, in addition to the material code on the property, such intangible assets for breach of leave in the event of a breach of duty by the applicant, for which he is responsible.

Therefore, the applicant is not liable for the facts, which he could not influence, such as it took even children and not to serve the children, unless he voluntarily contracted to do so. The applicant is responsible for changing the holiday income guaranteed by the travel agency.

It is based on the principle that customers who spend some time in order to be able to inquire about a long-awaited vacation cannot influence in advance what it will look like in the city. Mus dt on propagan materials and promises of the applicant. Penalty satisfaction can be claimed from the applicant in the event that, in contrast to the promised idyllic on the spot, the hostel is located in the industrial sector next to the debtor, to František Korbel from the law firm Havel, Holsek & Partners.

In order for the first such a name to arise at all, the obligation to achieve a high intensity must be violated, such as the change of the congress, or its substantial shortening and devaluing. The compensation will be assessed individually, it will depend on the extent and intensity of the breach of duty by the organizer of the congress and thus on the impact on the personal sphere of the participant.

Claims according to Germany

Courts in neighboring Germany, for example, have extensive experience with this type of dispute. The guide for a decision dispute before the Czech courts can therefore be, for example, the so-called Frankfurt tables, which the courts there use to calculate the payment of the code. They specified how high the discount corresponded to the specific doubts.

The tables used in Germany divide the defects into the following groups: hostel, food, transport and other defects. In the individual groups, specific errors are defined and a range is determined for them, representing a discount on the total price of the trip. If there are a number of defects in one group, discounts become. There is a maximum of discount limits, taking into account what is the subject of the convention, explains the German practice of the element Ji Gao.

What types of discounts do the specific tables remember? If, for example, a travel agency accommodates a client in a non-reserved object, he will be the first to receive a discount of 10 and 25 percent of the departure price, if the hostel is long from the beach, not as announced, German courts secretly with a discount of 5 and 15 percent. A discount of 20 and 30 percent can be claimed in Germany for spoiled food and 10 and 20 percent of the price of the trip for a missing pool, if guaranteed by the travel agency.

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