Stavebn spoitelny are looking for new opportunities, savings and activities

Stavebni spoitelny has to think about how to lure clients, to whom it gradually provides the most frequent support. Therefore, start offering new products that have nothing to do with their original replacement. And put the changes are on the fallen.

Last year, it cut profits for building society clients, when the state support for them taxed fifty percent in 2010. So for five years, they are preparing cuts and savings banks realize that focusing only on savings and the subsequent loss would not be enough.

Therefore, start including new financial products in your offer. The Blue Pyramid mines and the Eskomoravsk stavebná spoitelna (MSS) are the closest in this direction.

life insurance from Lika

MSS has been expanding its product range since 2002. Clients, through their advisers, can arrange mortgages, consumer grants, pensioners or other people, but you can also invest in mutual funds. This year, the products offered have grown by put two.

The first is life insurance from Lika, which was prepared by SOB Pojiovna only for the offer of the building society. It is a paid investment in life insurance, but the client has the opportunity to value the pension in two investment programs directly at the building society.

The second, other insurance product is Property and Liability Insurance, through which you can insure both real estate and household. In addition, you can arrange comprehensive insurance responsibilities.

Both new products do not represent a groundbreaking innovation in the field of insurance. You will also find a similar offer in the portfolio of domestic insurance companies.

The Blue Pyramid follows the path of financial advice

“We are currently expanding our services, product offerings and darkness of advisors so that we can provide clients with comprehensive financial advice,” said Jan Pokorn, director of Modr pyramidy. During the summer, Pyramidachtla would become an equivalent game in the financial advisory market.

In addition to the building society, it can expand its offer with insurance, banking services and consumer credit. From the autumn, Komern banka will offer mortgages and provide long-term savings and investment products.

Pyramida issued a tour for comprehensive financial advice in April, when it launched products from the Komern Group of the Bank, such as the Mjet package, credit cards, the Perfect Loan and, above all, Vital Invest. Unlike the life insurance company from Lika, which is offered only by an MSS advisor, clients can also arrange Vital Invest at the branches of Komern banka and Komern pojiovny.

With spring pichzej acn nabdky

Building societies thus regularly come up with time-limited offers, in which they provide something extra to existing and new clients.

In the current offer of limited time, you can meet with financial direct and annual deposits at all building societies. Lika and Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna offer very favorable rates for infernal areas.

Some building societies also prefer contracts concluded for children under 18 years of age. For example, Buinka, Modr pyramida and Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna. You have a limited time offer for clients aged 55 and 60, respectively.

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