Spoitelna pin cashback for clients of all banks. But not for free

After SOB and Potovn spoitelna, they started with the promise of cashback, withdrawing cash when paying by card at the box office, and esko spoitelna from big games on the Czech banking market. Unlike the competition, let your cashback be paid.

Last week, only clients of SOB and Potovná spořitelna could use cashback, and from June, employees of esk spoitelna (according to only S) also joined them in the so-called pilot operation.

Cashback = cash withdrawal when paying by card at the cashier’s shop, it is not an international service (therefore it is not required by us, for example, a foreign tourist), conditions vary from the state

S started testing the novelty in June, in sharp operation of cashback S b from mid-July, in 20 smaller stores. According to Helena Matuszn from esk spoitelny, the list of these stores is not yet complete, it will be available during the next week. The only guide for the client is to get a sticker that indicates the city where cash can be collected.

Establishments where you can try out S cashback as a cardholder are conveniently located in the capital and the surrounding area. You can find them in Prague, Beroun, Slanm and Libice nad Vltavou. Zbvajc are at the entrance to the republic – in the town above Orlic and in Boskovice.

She wants, and quite logically, she should actively offer the service to other and all business people. So you can not only hope that soon there will be a number of cities where you will pay cash to the merchant when paying the purchase, roz. There was information about the ongoing negotiations with business partners, in addition to the negotiations with the Austrian Interspar, because the bank is very sensitive.

Cashback S is available to all credit card holders

Only the holder of the SOB and Potovní spoitelny payment cards, who buy in the Albert and Hypernova shopping chains, know the double cashback. Now S clients have joined them (so far due to the small number of business partner establishments very limited) and clients S.

What does the esk cashback look like


– works from 8.11.2006
– the condition is min. purchase for 300 K
– vbr 100–1500 K after one hundred corunch
– works in Albert and Hypernova etzcch
– available only to SOB payment card holder
a PS
– provided free of charge


– works from 16.7.2007
– the condition is min. purchase for 300 K
– vbr 0,50–1500 K
– operates in 20 smaller establishments
– provided with a fee of 4 K

Unfortunately, do not communicate systems with each other. Thus, clients of SOB and Potovn spoitelny can withdraw cashback from S, while clients of S can receive cashback in Hypernov and Alberta. Soti, unlike SOB, opened right from the meeting with the terminals take. According to Tom Kopecký from SOB, the bank did not exist nationwide at the time when the bank decided to make cashback available to its clients, and so the situation was individual. It is opening its terminals to open to other banks in the autumn of this year.

Vbr for “all”, but for a fee

Each cash withdrawal at a store for its clients cost 4 crowns (the issuer of the payment card – “home bank” – determines for a fee), ie the same amount as cash withdrawal from an ATM by credit card (the standard debit card is 6 crowns). Komern banka’s clients will also have to deal with the cashback fee.

Why did S decide to charge for the promise even if we have the most common ATM and even within their bank Balk clients determine the number of withdrawals from ATMs do not pay? “Every promise and product carries costs. Cashback is an additional service. We charge the fee only to those clients who use the service. We don’t know how to spread these costs to other items, “Helena Matuszn from esk spoitelna told iDNES.cz.

SOB, which together with Potovn spořitelna cashback was the first to introduce us, decided not to charge for it. The weights on the introduction of the fee in the bank’s credit cards were reported in January (it even appeared in the fee in the electronic form of the bank’s tariff), but the new tariff, effective from 1 August 2007, is no longer required. Similarly, Raiffeisenbank and eBanka will not charge a fee for this type of transaction.

On the steps of the big game market

It is a big game to decide how quickly the payment card holder of other banks will be able to use the news. The names of banks that do not have their own terminals must tell whether they will be available to them. Of these small banks, Raiffeisenbank and eBanka are especially the best cashbacks. Their banks are completing the test, so the service itself should be available in a few weeks. Komern banka’s clients are in a similar situation, which is going to launch cashback on its terminals in the last quarter. The service, as well as S, can be used by clients of other banks.

Other banks, such as Volksbank and HVB and ivnostensk banka are expected to be able to offer services to their clients at the beginning of 2007 and 2008, respectively in spring 2008. Citibank is considering the introduction of cashback, but this cannot be expected in the foreseeable future.

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