Spoitelna complies with paid SMS

The largest bank in the country is considering a significant change in the price of internet banking. esk spoitelna considers whether to charge for SMS first, which, for example, informs about the balance on these and some transactions.

These are first free for all users of Internet banking, which is almost 650 thousand. All SMS clients should stay free of charge, which must be sent to all clients via the Internet.

Rozesln destek million SMS first of all costs something to Ale Mamica, director of pmho banking in esk spoiteln. We are discussing the st penst for clients, he added. According to him, their financial condition is the last of the competition.

Czechoslovak Commercial Bank and Komern banka, which replenish the savings bank in the big three, usually pay one crown at first for an informative SMS. For the first time when transferring pensions from here, they are not paid for.

When something is free, clients don’t fully think about how to use it, thanks to Mamica. At first, the free text costs the savings bank millions of crowns and their number is growing. If this trend lasted, it would be up to hundreds of millions of crowns, adds Ale Mamica.

Banks have to pay mobile opertorm, they would have to negotiate prices, not pay a phone call. The first large number of Internet clients contributed to the explosion of the first SMS, a great business for this mobile operator was entered this year by criminals, even pirates.

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This year, for the first time, members visited the banking websites of several local banks. Several clients caught on sending e-mails and sending copies of web pages in etin. For example, esk spoitelna and Komern banka first introduced sending SMS messages for the first time.

In the case of the savings bank, which has the most online customers, this has contributed to a further load on the entire system. Nrst was obvious, but not fatln, to that Ale Mamica. According to him, this was mostly reflected on the telephone lines, where they had to explain the changes in control to the people. In recent days, the bag on the Internet of banking banks has collapsed, and it was not possible to sign up for it at all in the past.

According to the Czech banking industry, the tiredness of the system, which to collapse together with the predominant first on these contributions, to strengthen within a day.

From five nights to Saturday afternoon, the entire system will be shut down, and similar plants will continue in the first year. We try to make ourselves as visible as possible, but unfortunately it is not possible to go to Mamica now. It is an external discussion between salespeople and people from the IT department on how to make application development, etc.

It could change that and give a massive investment that has not yet been decided.

In the first half of this year, all iron will be changed and some databases will be divided. This could accelerate.

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