Spoitelna and her Jack Stack won the jury and the public awards

The best financial house of the year this year is esk spoitelna and Amerian Jack Stack became the Bank of the Year.

They received the main prize of the jury in the fifth round of the Bank of the Year competition, which under the company Fincentrum and the card issuer the company MasterCard as the general partner.

esk spoitelna also won the public award for the Most Reliable Bank of the Year. In the competition, 62 jurors, from managers of large companies, from university professors to analysts and MPs, evaluated banking products and innovations.

Bank within 2006

1. esk spoitelna, as
2. Komern banka, as

The most beautiful bank in 2006

1. esk spoitelna, as
2. eBanka, a.s.
3. GE Money Bank, a.s.

Spoitelna won the Bank of the Year in 2002. In the following years, the Czech Savings Bank was overtaken by Komern banka. According to the chairman of the competition committee, Petr Stuchlek, a clear vision of the bank is behind the return of the savings bank to the first place.

Behind many esk spoitelnys is one of him, Jack Stack. A personalized charismatic leader. His choice of the Bank of the Year 2006 is as convincing as his bank’s contribution. Stuchlk adds whether his extraordinary position among the banks is justified by the coming summer and the condition of the Czech Savings Bank after his departure. Bank of the Year Jack Stack is drilling into his native New York after seven years in the Czech Republic.

Bank of the Year is a marketing prize, banks can place their games in advertising. The bag thus serves to better orient the public.

  • TTE TɎ:SPOITELNA HLED NOV VEDEN– Interview with Jack Stack about the future of the bank

Pt rad Jacka Stacka, jak bt spn

1. Work with HV

Find an industry or service industry, or position, employee group, and client segment where you will be able to work with full commitment and incineration. The best job or always the one where you get the highest salary. The best thing to do is, in fact, the one you are sure to pursue with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. You will be in such work and you will get into it.

2. And the family does not suffer

Find a balance between time spent working and time for family and friends. I know people who broke up their first marriage because they were too busy and it consumed all their energy. They forgot that they have a different life. spn life will not pass if we are spn only at work. Family and friends are forever, they have their end.

3. Act ethically

It’s easy: Everybody keeps the furnace, or: Nobody knows. First, your reputation is the most valuable asset, and a well-established reputation is repaired very hard. Secondly, in the end, someone just bakes it in and not everyone behaves the same. But then, two bad things to your colleagues and families: if you don’t be moral, your surroundings should be moral.

4. Listen

In the work around you you will find good ideas and a problem. Pinej is colleagues and clients. In many cases, manaei does not create sufficient conditions for employees and clients to share ideas and suggestions and to work with these ideas accordingly. At work, you learn a lot more when you listen, not when you talk.

5. Sense of humor

life is not easy. We all have a responsibility, not only at work, but at home. Sometimes we don’t even have to think about what we owe. It always helped me when I was able to laugh at myself and some of the things I did. For our mental hygiene, you need to be able to laugh and have a sense of humor.

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