Sout s X-Trade Brokers o Porsche Cayman zan ji dnes

All those interested can try the trade with me, commodities, certificates and go win the Porsche. Ostr fze soute zan today. Registration takes place from the regiment. You can still start the bag, the competition will last until June 30. Increase the one who values ​​the most virtual deposit 10 thousand euros.

Registration is possible even during the whole competition and as two races proved, the high evaluation of the competition here is a few young days. In addition to the main prize, several HTC communicators will be distributed on an ongoing basis, each week receiving the best man and woman from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The results on the technical market indicated a lot about how this year’s competition is going to develop. The largest trade so far is taking place at currency crossings, where short-term and risky trades prevail. With the overview of the most traded instrument, the EUR / USD was so far, which accounted for 25% of all trade.

Graf instrumenty

Oil followed with a tenth of all orders, and the three most tradable instruments were closed by gold with the same volume of transactions.

The highest volatility has so far been visible in the commodity market, where you could gain a lot, but also a lot to lose. Natural gas has become one of the most risky but so profitable instruments. Its price has long ignored the growing trend of other commodities, but during the rise it rose sharply, which some traders used to realize high profits.

Soutc, who has not been able to do on the market today, does not have to worry. The sharp turn of the competition resets all previous results and the potency of the virtual deposit has been restored.
Graf instrumenty

The competition trading platform together with other information about the competition is available for those interested at All ei and Slovaks aged 18 can register, until 30 June.

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