SOS, I work in open space! What’s the threat in big offices?

Even employees working in a comfortable office can suffer from many health problems. You have full tunnel syndrome or expelled syndrome. In addition, if you sit in the room with a colleague, he put the threat of open space syndrome. Who is most often affected and how to get to know him?

We find them in every city. The huge glazed office with the desks of the work desks separated by only a small number was occupied by telephonists in call centers, ajci, newspapers, first-graders and salesmen. The employer liked the open space, in the open the open space, they liked the city with their energy and have an overview of people.

Workers are reluctant. Their enthusiasm for working in the open office kols in between I would never put there and after it’s quite fun. From the manager’s point of view, it is advisable to have people in one place, due to information and work in the dark. However, for some people, performance decreases if they work in these open spaces because they cannot concentrate, to Stanislav Petek from TP Consulting.

Bad on a colleague

Who does work in open space suit? To who rd communicates or must communicate. It is interesting especially for young people. You in coworking centers. The strongest group are people aged twenty-five and forty. In general, there is no open space just about having a desk and going where you can work. We will include a number of events, such as educational workshops, thematic sndan or evening networking parties, and so the possibility of self-realization is not enough, to Martin Koaov from the Impact Hub K10 in Prague.

Open space will take you where you need to work quickly with a lot of information. With us, I need to work in the dark, learn information from marketing, development, trade, and work together is also common, praises one of the discussions on the darkness of open space on the website.

An open office also suits people who want to get along and have an extroverted nature. There are also employees who sat down with colleagues. We are an absolutely great team, we also often laugh, one voice was given by the discussants.

Try to place an introvert among the sprawling colleagues, who would like to do their job as soon as possible and make the house. In a large open space, it is always difficult to solve it, because there is everything around, someone is still walking and it is much easier for colleagues to contact them, notes David Buchta from Primulus.

Feeling that someone vs hld, is not accidental. Managers have all members of the dark in sight, they can closely observe the way they work, answer, call… Employees are tempted to procrastinate on the Internet. The furnaces can only be seen from all sides on their monitor, add Buchta.

Workers are different from the taste of work and the work habits of others, so they suffer in an open office. Rdi concentrate rno, but tm zan work and after dest? Do you pick up your personal phones in front of the building because you won’t find them privately anywhere else? Are you hot while the air conditioning is set to twenty degrees?

With regard to the working environment, it is always better when the temperature in the office can be changed. Central air conditioning is also a problem, because the children are freezing and suffocating, according to Jitka Soukov from the staff of the Grafton Recruitment agency. And he has a problem with the much-beaten air conditioning. The diseases in them are faster, they are in the study. When someone chooses me between open space and the name of the office, they seldom choose it first, says Soukov.

Thermal discomfort, poor concentration, the feeling that you are still under supervision – this together, two or later, can work against you. The so-called open space syndrome, like stress or expulsion syndrome, can manifest itself inconspicuously. You were even more likely to have a headache, a bad sleep, you have high blood pressure or an occasional sweat that you did not have. Walk on the lawn, beat the licks, but it is glued out of sight.

Z velkho do mench

Along the way, an agreement with the employer can be rectified a lot, for example by changing the room or introducing a rest regime. It is good to set boundaries with colleagues. If your work requires work, let them know that you don’t want to be disturbed for a while, offer David Buchta.

The companies themselves are interested in hitting the team, so there is a place to negotiate them. Ideal if you get colleagues for your case.

I work in a manufacturing company, where I was for years in the middle of a production office with six other colleagues. It was a state of affairs for the woman, it significantly accelerated the production process, to Miroslav Krupica, the director of the Tipafrost company. Since then, a lot has changed. We are now building new administrative premises to enable people to work with two or one employees per office, Krupica adds.

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