Some people consider Egypt to be an evil evil, but they do not descend the congress

Some travel agencies canceled and departures to Egypt by mid-dive. As long as it lasts, they haven’t shared it yet. In any case, if you cancel the trip, the clients will receive 100 percent of the price of the trip back. If, on the other hand, the traveler cancels the exit, he has to set the cost himself.

For the time being, the departures to Egypt are canceled with departures until the 15th of February, and the entire price for the canceled departures is returned by Alexandria, Exim tours and Fischer.

According to travel agencies, the rest of the stay will depend on developments in the country. If you have a paid trip to Egypt, for example on the 20th century, the exit should not be ruined for now (more than one exit).

If the client cancels the exit due to concerns about his safety, he will not receive the full price back. Bad on whether I have a closed insurance against cancellation. If so, he will receive, for example, 80 percent of the exit price from the Allianz insurance company.

Cancellation fees for all payments and Kooperativa, but clients do not cancel their exits. “So far, we have not noticed any interest in a cancellation exit. Even in the field of assistance services, there is no increase in the number of assistance from clients residing in high-risk areas, ”says Jana Konvalinov, head of the Kooperativa travel insurance department.

Insurance cancellation is 2.5 percent and 2.8 percent of the price of the trip, depending on whether the client arranges insurance cancellation at a partner travel agency or individually. In this case, the insurance would cost 1,375 and 1,540 crowns for the 55,000th congress, ”says Dagmar Koutsk from the Allianz insurance company.

The approach is not unambiguous. The Uniqa or the Czech Republic will not cancel the congress due to the unrest in Egypt. “The client arranges a connection cancellation for the case when he will be forced to cancel the departure due to health reasons and, for example, to cancel the dead in the family,”Explains Tom Zavoral from esk pojiovny.

When the traveler cancels the exit and is insured against cancellation, that the paid price of the exit will be returned only a small amount. For example, a travel agency Fischer receives only 30 percent of the departure price one week before departure. In the case of a congress for 55 thousand crowns, pay a cancellation fee of 38,500 crowns.

Is Egypt a flying zoou?

The cost of relocating any injuries caused by Egyptian protesters will be covered by travel insurance. The tourist is not allowed to enter the country after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend traveling to the area. Of course, this limitation does not apply to those who are in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently recommends traveling to Egypt only when absolutely necessary. esk podnikatelská pojiovna therefore considers Egypt to be an embedded knowledge and once established due to demonstrations will not pay. For the Czech insurance company, Egypt is not a dangerous area and will not be injured.

For clients who would be prevented by the riots in returning from Egypt back to the Czech Republic, the insurance travel insurance company will extend.

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