Some banknotes con: don’t be surprised

Among the people, there are several hundred thousand banknotes, which have not been valid since faith. What about them? Will you have problems with exchange? Where can they be exchanged and for how much?

On 31 January 2007, the oldest types of banknotes of the 1993 design in denominations of 50 K, 100 K, 200 K and 500 K expired.

How to distinguish a valid banknote from invalid ones

The banknotes of the 1993 model, which are listed in later designs, have the year 1993 on the front and the watermark on the reverse at the bottom right of the banknote with a watermark. Later issued banknotes have the year 1995 or later on the obverse and have a heart-shaped graphic logo on the reverse at the bottom at 50 K, in the form of the letter K at 100 K, in the form of a book at 200 K and in the form of 500 TO.

1993 banknotes appear in circulation sporadically, often raising suspicions as to whether they are a valid and valid pension. Cash registers in the business are either declined or reimbursed as pensions suspected of falling.

Their exchange for a valid banknote will take place only in banks, which should contribute to the smooth running of cash operations. Thus, the machines of the Czech National Bank are able to recognize the old type of banknotes and take them out of circulation.

The old banknotes end in two reasons: they have the same security features and it often happened that the merchants did not have a yard for the banknotes and rejected them, as confirmed by Pavel Zbek from the Czech National Bank.

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What about invalid banknotes

The access of merchants to the given types of invalid banknotes differs. For example, Tesco will accept banknotes, but they will be in the bank for a week, and I also think that I will check the banknotes at the cash register when paying for the purchase of a borehole. According to Ahold, Hypernova and Albert’s cash registers are to reject the first banknote.

Banks are obliged to exchange banknotes and not to charge. This fact was confirmed by esk spoitelna and SOB. According to the edited savings bank and SOB, according to the inspection of the banknote from circulation – the banknotes are weekly so that an invalid banknote design does not reach the client’s hand.label

You will not lose your pension even after 31.1.2007. You can either accept banknotes from selected merchants, or you can contact the cashier at the bank and enter the exchange directly. From 1 November 2007 to 31 January 2010, all banks carrying out cash operations will exchange banknotes, and from 1 November 2010 only branches of the Czech National Bank. The exchange will always take place free of charge.

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