SOB tore from twice. And that in potet

SOB has had a problem with double service in the last two months. Her clients, who pay a fee for keeping payment cards in June, were pleasantly surprised by this month.

The bank mistakenly deducted a fee for them at the end of last month. The pension was back in the week, but because it was written and this month, its customers temporarily dreamed of a balance here.

The first of them is spent at the end of the month, so their clients drank about their number. It doesn’t have to be just about crowns of items.

“I have two gold payment cards in the bank, for their payment I pay eight thousand crowns a year,” to the client SOB, his totality MF DNES branded.

“I have to submit an advertising form and SOB can ask me for years,” adds. If the customers do not do it, the bank will.

“Duplicate is very cold. The minimum was about a client from those whose payment card expired in June, ”said Marek Roll in a press release. According to him, it was not a technical error, but a failure of the human factor and the bank will get the most out of its clients.

Customers learned about the double issue of this fee from the June issue, but a refund of the pension will appear on the paper entry in August. That made many uncertain.

SOB has had problems with duplicate work in the last two months. For example, the server pointed out the cases. For the first time in May, a double payment transaction was made with a payment card, which esk spoitelna’s clients withdrew from SOB ATMs or paid at its terminals.

Three weeks later, the situation was repeated in the dark. This was caused by an error transferring data to
transaction processors in Italy.

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