Six years ago, no one knew the game, today it is a phenomenon

The first niche play was put on the knees by Tom Kuva, co-founder of The Chamber. On dal u li otherwise. With the help of the investor, they invested several million crowns in the development and the branch, which has so far been dominated by the enthusiastic cellar games with wild riots, has been turned upside down.

While almost no one knew how to drive a few years ago, our games are an integral part of the free industry. It’s thanks to Tom Kuva. With a little enthusiasm, this young man can call himself a pioneer of this field in our country.

He has played two hundred games around the world and, for a certain period of time about the functionality of the business, postponed his first studies, which he completed last year. Even so, he still intended to dedicate himself to the world and his heart from the creation of various puzzles, pbh and scenery, thanks to which he loses the notion of reality and becomes part of his game.

In 2014, when you founded The Chamber, you were a student at the Faculty of Primary School. How did you even think of doing business in anyone’s games?
My then partner, Sabina Mojkov, who had a similar game in London at the time, drank the idea with the Nikovka. At that time, there were units in large European cities, and all of them were basically full. However, a decision was made, and when we acquired an old apartment in the center of Prague in the framework of the then business in short-term rentals, where we discovered a stack of dark stoletch books written in nmin on the floor during the reconstruction. It’s a long time, I’ll limit it to the fact that when the baldness occurred to build a nikovka with a real base, we had to catch the baldness by the paes.

In our days, however, almost no one knew the concept of the game. What did your arrests look like in such constellations?
We entered the market with a completely new one, we didn’t know how the Czech customers would react to it, how much the players would be willing to pay for the game, and not even if anyone would come at all. In fact, it was a long time on the first game.

Was the first game similar to Spartn and built?
That’s a pretty accurate killer. Yes, it was quite spartnsk. The first game, Mysterious Work, was created with complete help. Sabina was the main worker. This is because until then, the pinnacle of my design skills was from an unnamed widow’s department store, and suddenly I built walls, modified furniture and distributed electrical equipment.

How long did it take me?
The preparation of the game thus took you a quarter of a year. We wanted the Mysterious Office (that was the name of the first game), which was then created in the premises of Blkova Street in Prague, to be perfect. The feeling that the team will take away from it was the only marketing tool for us at the time. In other words, at the time we relied only on recommendations.

And did it work?
It took a long time, but thank God it really worked. We started to build a community around us, which gradually spread, and the phenomenon of no one’s games began to be talked about not only in every work darkness, groups of friends, but also in families. That’s when we realized that nikovky have great potential.

Also, are you fully into business?
That’s right. However, due to the relatively low bar of entry and the attractiveness of the business model, we knew that the boom is about to fall and it will be necessary to stick to it immediately and costly, otherwise we will get lost in the flood of boards of enthusiasts, where the one who provides a discount will win. So we hired an investor, peruiliated the study, rented a large space in the center of Prague, hired craftsmen and technicians and to the fullest.

So the competition was suddenly great. Do you know that you were able to win the game among other operators?
I dare to know that our best advantage lies in the complex experience of the game. Even in the oldest games, we tried to think of the maximum audiovisual impression and a perfectly elaborate pbh. The games are always complemented by good music, special effects and thoroughly washed puzzles, ie wheels for the lute, which we usually design and produce ourselves. Today, the level of our games is equal to the film experience and the visitors leave with feelings that are long after the sweat. Clem is to make the game a bite to play.

What is behind the design and construction of such a game?
Millions of crowns (smch). When you want to do something unique, you have to go beyond the standard, which in this industry means grinding something new. For this reason, we have our own technology department, we employ several electrical engineers and engineers who help us with the implementation of our sometimes literally crazy ideas. Thanks to that, each of our games is original. From the first thought to the first official invitation, it often takes less than a year and it’s really a year. Very important are game masters who serve games. In total, we have about 60 employees. One of them, especially the game Mastei, is working on a twisted bundle

M to njak concrete dvod?
It doesn’t seem like that, but game mastering, ie the operation of the game, is mentally very difficult and few people manage it full-time. We do not want the quality game games to suit us and we dream of limiting the changes. patn game master will completely immerse me in the experience of self-game, we are also very nron in their selection.

How much nron?
Due to the fact that we have to invest a lot of time in the kadho game master in the framework of blackberry, we cannot afford to look away. We have therefore created a sophisticated assessment process. In the first round, a psychologist is present and becomes aware that the candidates can play one of our games together.

Do you rate potential employees according to how they play the game?
That’s right. I don’t think so, but our games are an absolutely great platform for evaluating job seekers, because they crystallize in them the properties we require – resistance to stress, darkness, the ability to cope with unexpected situations and more. A good game master has to be a bit of a psychologist, an actor, a do-it-yourselfer and a jet man. We will definitely reject 90 percent of candidates in any woman, because it really is not for everyone.

Game washed down to the last technical detail, quality service. That’s for sure. But someone is worried about safety. Furnaces just, it’s not so good that in neighboring Poland happened to the monks a huge tragedy
In our games there is no danger in anything in any cinema, supermarket or at home. First of all, the games are fully automated and it is done electronically and not by mechanical changes. All door interchanges therefore work on the electromagnetic door system, so it is possible to open them at any time by pressing the emergency button, if the doors are not opened automatically by porn players. There is also a game master for a long time, which always deals only once, and not at once, as was the case in Poland for the first time. All devices undergo regular inspections (which, for example, your home consumption does not undergo) and under the voltage of 12 and 24 volts and not 220 volts. There is no open fire in the games, and last but not least, most of our games are not about escaping from the exchanged space, but primarily about penetrating deeper, also in the amount of clothes. So the fear of security is definitely not in place.

Let’s go back to the thunder itself. Where to get inspiration?
In today’s day, no one’s games are just a game of local level, the origin around them has spread to the industry with a number of other separate disciplines that complement each other. Personal experience has led to large conferences, bringing together experts from around the world, sharing information, buying individual games or selling entire games. Most of these businesses have started in western countries such as the Netherlands and England.

Do you play a role in the development of new games?
Of course, the pleas of hr are to be heard. Especially those experienced want to play games that are more elaborate, have fun, and have fun puzzles. Dleit is ingenuity in individual rounds and so that it is not immediately apparent at first glance how to round. The first aha-moments of surprise are for some game of tusks. Of course, we must also think about the use of the latest technologies. Play the mechanisms of our games, such as you automatically open an object, the movements of objects and the like. Real reality and real-life gaming are the latest reality in the forefront and a completely new game in anyone’s games, and the voice of the future we are working with.

who the new rou is real-life gaming. Where are you from classic nik games?
It is a combination of game motifs from pot games, live actors and a complete story. This gives rise to projects such as Kingdom come: Experience on the medieval fortress in Maleov, which in some terms will play the public about small groups, but primarily this game is built on the level of the team. It is popular with companies as a teambuilding activity.

How does the game on the fortress go?
The game is built on relics and mechanics of realistic esk potaov games from the Middle Ages Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Knowledge of the master bag is not necessary for the game. A maximum of 30 games divided into 5 dark will embark on an epic adventure based on the elements of the game, but with the freedom to move around large areas of an authentic medieval fortress with sawdust land. Actors also move around the fortress, each of them has a role to play and a story, which is important for the successful mastery of the story. The actors have to communicate with the actors, watch them or help you.

Who is such a typical game of anyone?
Let’s meet groups of students, co-workers or family members most often. The age limit for ours is definitely not limited, the days of our games are not physically special, and I really get involved.

Napklad i rodiny s dtmi?
At present, yes. We have created an activity that, without any restrictions, can be played together by calm generations and no one will be bored. Since then, we have left horror stories in our center in Prague’s Andlu, to which games can be accustomed to us, and we bet on the atmosphere of a fantasy world full of unfamiliar sound, visual and other perceptions that entertain the whole family.

Horror u aren’t on course?
On the contrary, with the horror theme we have the biggest spch. We bet on it right next to the building for the kind of branch at Petrskm nmst in Prague. And it was a good shot.

You talked about the branches in Prague. Do you have games elsewhere?
In addition to six games in the metropolis and one mobile game, visitors can play in Ostrava. In the past, we had a large branch in Liberec, but it turned out that we had feared in advance. In smaller cities, there is not enough shopping to run an expensive investment game. I would say that no one’s games are the home of all cities with many residents and new tourists who come to death during the city.

Are you also considering expanding abroad?
We are actually there. Thanks to the fact that we have our own development center and we will make all the elements for the game ourselves, we will sell the game concepts all over the world. You can find our games in France, Spain, Germany or you in Kuwait.

So today you are a spnm entrepreneur. Pesto, were there any times when it didn’t look full?
They were, right at the construction of the kind of branch at Petrskm nmst. At that time, a wild period of euphoria and frustration began, when we became both of our own ambitions. The construction took three times the estimated time, or we underestimated the importance of the development of technical and mechanical units. Many individual puzzles were more than the construction of cells, according to the standard of the game at the time. The profit from the two games in operation at the time would be quite a debt if we operated the games ourselves and did not employ anyone, but the operation had to be completely autonomous in order to free our hands for development. Thus, the profit was literally negligible compared to investment costs, and we paid only the minimum wage required to be paid. Pensions were disappearing at the rate of hundreds of thousands of months, and the open table was out of sight. After this capital call, ie the need to supplement the pension, the ideas were sometimes quite black. But we never doubted we would make it to the end. So it took a long time, it cost us a lot of mental and physical strength, but in the end this risk paid off.

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