Should I risk pension reform or rely on stt? Kalkulaka answer

With the planned pension reform, any key decision: to rely only on the state pension, or to join the second pension sawmill and save in private pension funds? The new calculator suggests a financially appropriate one.

To make the right decision, you need to know two basic parameters – a small gross length and the number of years remaining until retirement.

Adjust both calculation data by moving the arrows. Find out your pensions according to current legislation here. The amendment will end the pension insurance scheme with a further extension of the age limit. Find out here, if so, how it would affect the delay.

The result has a rather significant effect on the estimated annual returns of private pension funds. Analysts estimate that the pensions invested in the newly created funds may increase by about one and two percent ron after the inflation ratio and the initial fee. For dynamite funds, the income can be around you.

You can set the calculations dv varianty vnos:

  • Concervative and my risky form of savings, when your chosen private fund will, after the inflation and fee, appreciate the the same one percent.
  • Dynamitj and a more risky form of savings, when the chosen private fund will increase the value of the the same percentage.

After calculating the basic assets (gross debt, retirement, fund contribution), the calculator calculates the difference between the same state pension and the pension with the use of funds. That is, whether it is financially appropriate for you to keep the three percent levy in the middle of the pillar and not to cut the levy on the stern pension. Or whether it pays to redirect those percent payments to private funds.

Vpoet assumed payment from the fund for a period of twenty years.

Example 1: Earn more than 25 thousand crowns gross and ten years in retirement.
Recommended calculators: It pays to stay in the state pension system and don’t transfer you a percentage levy to a private fund. Even with the assumed percentage appreciation of the pension in the funds, the income from the fund will not be covered by the shortfall caused by the reduction of the state pension. The difference in this case is 32 crowns msn.

Example 2: Earn more than 35 thousand crowns gross and retire in twenty years.
Recommended calculators: It pays to redirect you to a fund of three percent payment from the first retirement saw. This is only the case if you bet on a risky dynamic variant. With it, you should gain 285 crowns more at a percentage of input. People who choose less risky funds with a one percent net return, but in this case will be fully the same as those who will receive only a net income.

From these examples it is possible to see how the change of the parameter should have affected the final result. There are a small small fluctuation in the performance of the fund and the result is clear again. Therefore, if the difference between the “sttn” and the “fund” variant is within a few tens of crowns, it is up to everyone whether the risk pays off.

People who have only a few years left to retire must take one aspect into account. The funds are considered for a long period of time. Especially high-risk dynamic funds do not have to spend anything for you in the three years that remain until you retire.

If your calculator says that it is financially appropriate for you to enter the second sawmill, then you will need to add another two percent of your gross salary to the redirected percentage. You can deduct these two percent from your salary and read in the funds even if you only keep a certain income. Therefore, Vpoet does not take them into account.

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