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Shootout process in Moscow City disrupts imaginary coronavirus

Over the high-profile trial of the shootout in Moscow City, there is a real threat of termination of the case. Another juror on Monday, October 12, unexpectedly missed the hearing. Before that, we will remind, two civil judges were expelled for truancy.

Meanwhile, strangeness does not pass by the main person involved in the case, Magomed Ismailov. At the last meeting, the two-time world kickboxing champion was actually not allowed to go to court – right before leaving for the trial, the man was told that he had a fever. Ismailov could not prove the opposite.

The defendant was not taken to the meeting under the pretext of a pandemic, and then it turned out that he was not sick

Even before the meeting in the Presnensky court, the atmosphere of an impending scandal hovered – the wife of the accused, Ekaterina, was extremely outraged by the latest events. It turned out that her husband did not come to the meeting last week, not because he was ill, as stated in the telephone message from the isolation ward. And the process seems to have been postponed in vain.

The woman told her lawyer that after the alarming news of her husband’s discomfort, she rushed to buy medicine. At the same time, they added fuel to the fire in the pre-trial detention center and reported that Ismailov allegedly refuses to submit the text on COVID.

In fact, it turned out that Ismailov was simply not released from the cell, saying that he had a temperature. The defendant tried to explain that he was feeling as usual and that he had no fever. But all is in vain.

It is noteworthy that the story “about the temperature at Ismailov’s” can really turn out to be someone’s wild fantasy. So, on Monday the court received a certificate on the state of health of the defendant. It said that he was healthy as a bull and could be in court.

– I wasn’t sick at all. I consider the testimony to be falsified. I did not have any illness, – said the defendant himself.

When the judge answered that she was not a doctor and could not make diagnoses, the defendant only threw up his hands.

In the meantime, strange things happen among the jury. One more assessor was missing on Monday. This time the juror summed up at # 3. He sent a telephone message to the court, in which he said that he could not be present due to some “business necessity”.

The lawyers of the defendants asked for a second chance for a truant most of all, they say, if the jury is scattered about, the collegium will be dissolved.

– I can’t help but recall the previous cases, when in similar situations we could “postpone”, but two jurors, excuse me for the rude word, were thrown out. And I think in vain, – said one of the lawyers.

As a result, the civil judge number 3 was not removed from the collegium. The presiding judge decided to wait for Friday, then to make a decision on which, we recall, the fate of the process may depend.

Recall that the outflow of the jury began immediately after the defense began to provide its evidence. Two jurors were removed from the trial, one of whom was in a routine consultation with an ophthalmologist. Now there is only one person left on the bench. If he is also involved in the case, then in the event of another emergency, there will be no one to change the assessors.