She took a risk, but it worked out. You must also reject many lucrative orders

She is twenty-eight years old and has won the Entrepreneur of the Year award, twice. Monika Srovnalov started the wedding party on the floor, which is very interesting. However, due to the pandemic, it is still in uncertainty. There are protective goggles for free time.

You may have used tailoring tailors, but could you just get a wedding at?
During my studies, I dreamed of having a wedding party one day. When, among other things, my husband shook hands with me after almost ten years, I immediately began to think about how the model was going to the wedding. It was very nron, because I hadn’t done anything so complicated until then.

And how did it turn out?
I made up a dog that I had called the smallest cork for countless hours, just a cork next to the cork. And it wasn’t just about the Aces. I wanted to have the whole wedding in the world, I wanted to make as much as I could myself and in the announcement, the decoration, the rune glued bundles, and the wedding bouquet made of rune glued flowers made of ribbons. The wedding bags were the longest.

And how were they?
I wanted them to be especially comfortable and to shoot them all day and night. It cost a lot of ant work. Two days before the wedding, I did the last stitch on them.

You did it too and you coulddo you relax and ut your wedding?
First and not. I was sorry that e mm doito, and so at that time the idea of ​​a wedding dress was born. And because on the day of my wedding, the employer’s contract expired, I decided to try it and start a business. My manel pushed me a lot. I took a risk.

Weren’t you a lot of competition, especially in the form of various events?
I didn’t really think much about the dark. When the first bride called me, she had a lot of unconventional ideas. And first it confirmed to me that there will be doors and women who do not want to rent. The fact that the girls from the pubs are not comfortable is also a big role, moreover, the brides are afraid that they will not damage them.

And you found a jet that gave a plus?
I gave a plus in the fact that brides will not have to hang out after the night, because the wedding will be just comfortable. Actually, I haven’t had a day-old bride to live out.

But brides could show two girls…
I can see how to get into other at. A wedding is only once in a lifetime, so for the first time in a dream party. Brides are so often annoyed that they do not want to be kept in a skeleton with a corset from a pub all day long.

And won’t they come out of the pub much cheaper?
It’s not so clear. Sometimes the price for the living comes out as well as the rent, which a few people do. For me it is so pl to pl. Some sell them immediately, others hide them for your daughters, or you just don’t want to give them up, they want to have them as a memory. In addition, if I can speak, I can give them to them after the wedding so that they can take them to the ball or other social event.

What color do brides choose most often?
In colors, most ivory shade leads. It’s such a sure thing, for sure. Only a little bride can choose a classic white. Here and there there is a bride who wants colorful things. I went to raspberries, apricots, even ern aty.

t wedding aty must be not only nron. You probably can’t afford to make a mistake. It is so?
Yes, sometimes it’s a lot nron. Understandably understand the stress of whether the bride will be satisfied. But about mm tst, because all my brides were satisfied and many of them later became my friends. But when we have this stress, the bride’s scam during the first meeting. often do not know how to choose aty, also during it we break out various combinations. This is a great advantage and a lot of fun for the various combinations.

How many weddings do you have for a month?
I had about two requests for MSC, and in January this year there were twenty of them. But I could only take ten. Today I will choose a lot, bad not only on the ideas of the bride, but also on the dates, so that I can handle everything. The price limit for the bride is important for me. This is especially important for lace, because the price of lace ranges from five hundred to five thousand crowns. Finding adequate lace, which will please and at the same time be affordable, is sometimes very difficult for a while.

We return to the arrest of your business. When did you know what you had to go through?
The arrests were very tk. My greatest support was my family and especially my husband. I lived at home in a small room, where I had a suitcase and a machine and an overlock, both of which go from the time of my studies. With a sweat of orders, I could afford to put on professional machines and gradually equip myself for a long time. I had to go to the premises. The order was growing and it was necessary to present something vtho. So I started looking for a suitable city.

And you found them?
Yes, after a year I found an ideal town in a nearby village. It took about two months, I didn’t spend what I needed and I didn’t put the new spaces together. My husband, who reconstructed and improved them, and thanks to whom the costs of spending were minimal, have a great deal to do with it. It’s the biggest thing on earth for you. I have not only a long, but also a separate area for receiving customers.

Where do you get materials from and which do you prefer?
That’s different. I have foreign suppliers who supply me with basic materials such as satin, ifons and tulle. I see lace in stores directly with us in Olomouc, but so different on the Internet. This year I will not offer samples where I show them various materials and recommend them. And again, we’re at the lace we can’t afford. On my clothes, it is very often filled with lace, which is the least important work.

Is it so nron?
Every piece of lace I have to pick up the sawdust, chop it on the figurn and then run nat. This process takes countless hours.

Co dalho ke sv prci potebujete?
In addition to their machine and overlock, it is a very important help for the carbon generator. Dleit are so figurine, to which the scatter is taken away. I must not forget small haberdashery and the like.

How many weddings are you at, how long are the waiting periods?
The wedding at the mm mm something about the bird, gave a mm for photography and promotion. As for the waiting period, it can not be precisely determined, badly in different circumstances, you need for pregnancy. I went for a few brides who were expecting a baby, we are also married and just before the wedding. So I had a bride who lived abroad and drank just a week before the wedding. That was quite an eye, but I made it. The waiting time is also affected by the fact that the used material is not available, so it is important to book your term.

What is the way to go to make the bride happy?
You have a suitable choice of shoes and accessories. The shoes have to agree with the length so that the bride does not stumble.

Can you tell us in what price ranges wedding dresses move?
It is tk thus set the price, wrong on the material and the nronity of the model. However, they range on average from 15 thousand crowns. Pay even 17 thousand for the rental, I also think that my price is very good compared to the rental, especially when it is measured to sell after the wedding.

You started during your businesswhat, what you just won’t forget?
Probably the most stuck in my head was my friend’s wedding. She had a mole of polka dot tulle with titrten sleeves. When she was allowed to take pictures during the banquet, she tore her sleeves into a brace thanks to various creations on the glass. And so there was nothing left but to catch up on the sleeves in the evening, which I quickly did with the little ones. In the evening, a wedding guest came to see me and shook me for how well we had come up with those detachable sleeves. We left them there.

Do you have co-workers in any way, or alone?
Unfortunately, I’m alone in the dark. Rda km eclipse, because I would like someone to be in the future. For myself, it’s nron and I can’t fully do what I want.

Did you have children, how can you combine the work of a mother and a businesswoman?
Before the birth, I worked until the last moments and I was saddened by the machine at the maternity hospital. For a while, my boy slept a lot, so I used that time to do it. When it is vt, it is nronj. But thanks to his families, he had to work.

You have advanced to the finale of the Entrepreneurship competition. Who vs registered and how was it all?
In 2018, I saw on the Internet that it is possible to participate in the Entrepreneur of the Year competition. I rushed in and checked in at the last minute. There were a lot of us and the jury selected twenty women entrepreneurs. According to pbhu, the public chose ten of them and was among them.

What did you win?
I received ten thousand crowns for the development of my business. At that time, I was asked by photographer Honza Kvarda if I would go to a joint project with them. And because I really want to dress someone famous, the Princess Help project was created in the end.

What was it about?
I was supposed to dress up several famous personalities such as Tereza Maková, Markéta Prochzková, Anna Julia Slovková, Lucia Teflová and many others. The whole event was taken as a charity auction of photographers of princesses who surrounded the mothers. When, after a year, they contacted me from Podnikavena and asked what I had used the game for, I told them about this project. Thanks to that, I received the Entrepreneur of the Year award last year as well. And all the more so because last year the jury chose the best of all the ranks, including i.

How full are you in the future?
Stle is something to glue and long mm in the heads npad. I want to devote myself to him for five years. I often hear brides walking around bridal salons, trying to do a lot, but not choosing. And so an idea was born in my head, which I called Build Your Aces. The brides come and immediately at the first meeting assemble the groups according to their ideas. There will be a lot of different folds with different types of skirts to choose from.

According to I want to have a different skirt and bodysuit. This is a big deal, because brides can take them out after the wedding separately. And as I said, I want to take a tailor that would help me.

Don’t ask him the question, do you feel in connection with the epidemics of negatives in your business?
Bohuel yes. Kvlicoronavir had to postpone marriage to two brides. Other brides booked for the later term, I will also have to come up with something. He gave two customers to wait in May, the question is whether weddings can be held then. It is also complicated by the fact that I can’t take the exams and get ready. In addition, there was a problem with the supply of substances, especially from abroad. The supplier stopped me for a few packets.

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