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He bet on quality raw materials and run production. He was inspired by the Indians and the First Republic. Today, all products are sold throughout Europe. In 2018, his surroundings won a silver medal in the International Chocolate Award. Filip Tepl talked about his experience in the interview.

You were a co-owner of a graphic studio. How does graphics become a maker of accidents?
In the previous year, I went through the crisis. I was in charge of managerial activities and communication with clients. After eight years, I was tired of it and burned out. So I started looking for a new direction. The goal was to create something physical, something that had a clear result. At that time, a friend from Guatemala was coming in, bringing around him from May, the original inhabitants of Central America. When I tasted it, it was basically decided. It was full of other tastes, not the ones I was used to, it surprised me a lot and I’ve been sitting around ever since. (smch)

Is it easy to make a neighborhood? How did you learn that?
From the arrest it seems to me that it is not so complicated, but as the hunter begins to dig deeper, he finds out that it is a great widow and alchemy. To determine here, pay me, I know that, I know that I know nothing. (smch)

For a year, I studied intensively on the Internet and had discussions on the surrounding mills. When I got at least some basic information, I ordered a small mill and started in the kitchen with the first attempts. From the arrest, we tested on our friends, when the first reactions were speedy and careful. Some of the first products tasted like a dog (laughter), but over time, the feedback began to stick and we knew we were going in the right direction.

Weren’t you afraid to start a business? There are so many producers around the market
I’m heartfelt, in addition, I really needed a change, I didn’t really think much about it, and he went head-to-head. (smch)

Maybe you had to invest something in the arrests, buy raw materials, equip the factory?
When you want to make the surroundings small, you don’t need a lot of pensions, it’s a few plates of thousands. But if you want to create a functioning small company, then we are elsewhere. I was glad that we had some kind of pension, so for us our departure was not as nron as it could be, if you do not have any reserves.

The investment is slowly returning. I must read that we are very fortunate, because the response from our customers is very positive, and thanks to them we can grow, look for new sources of cocoa beans, create new products and most importantly give something that we enjoy.

Talk about your company as a manufactory. The word manufactory comes from the Latin manu facere, ie to work with your hands. Is the whole production really run? You don’t have dn machines?
In today’s electronic / machine world we are really a manufactory. Of course, the machine is still with us, if we want to grow, it is not possible without them, but let’s keep a lot of work. Let’s use the machines mainly for grinding cocoa mass, that would be a lot of nron, but even here we go a combination of the old method of grinding on catch stones and modern washing methods.

Since the formation of the mass, however, it is not a matter of rune work, all surrounding tables are run-off and all runes are packed in two layers of packaging. Human hands put labels on them and then packed them in an expedinch balk.

When we’re at the packaging, it’s pretty unconventional. Or, on the contrary, tradin?
The whole myaly of Ajaly is connected by two traditions. T Indian, the original tradition of working with cocoa and then building on a huge homemade tradition in the production of the neighborhood. We have always been one of the five largest processors of cocoa beans in the world during the First Republic. We also wanted to refer to the First Republic tradition, and the idea was to reflect it on the packaging. Coincidentally, we discovered the Calico printing and restoration studio, where the boys restored the original First Republic motifs from the inner covers of books and wallpapers and used them to print bales of paper. This is exactly what we were looking for in beautiful patterns referring to the given period. Word got word and we started a great cooperation with them and to this day all our run covers are with them.

What is important for a good environment? Raw materials or production? And I know from the one I buy in the supermarket?
Nejdleitj is the raw material. With n in stand and pad. And m li li? These are two different worlds that are very difficult to compare. We work with the best possible raw material, we look for the best cocoa beans, we work directly with farms or crumbs so that their raw material can be better. Each of our cocoa beans passes quality control and its processing is very gentle.

Cocoa beans are seeds from the fruit tree, which biologically belong to the same group as, for example, vno. We try to show the real taste of the neighborhood, which is more about fruit chutch. It is primarily a matter of highlighting the taste of the cocoa itself and supplementing it here and there with some interesting ingredients, such as pep, mussels or pecans.

You even claim that the neighborhood is a healthy candy.
Yes, the point is that cocoa beans are a forgotten superfood that contains a lot of vortex. It is a significant source of shock and iron and other trace elements. It contains a large amount of antioxidant. And especially theobromine, which is an alkaloid similar to caffeine, which affects our energy, helps the cardiovascular system and improves our mood. Dal saw contains cocoa butter, so-called cocoa butter, which is a great source of energy for hunters.

And when you combine these aspects into an environment that contains only cocoa beans and a small amount of sweetener, in our case panels (you can make sugar cane), then you have a great food to enjoy and you will get a lot of good for your body.

You won the second place in the International Chocolate Award competition, that’s probably a big deal?
We are not sure of curiosity. This competition assesses all the circumstances together and we wanted to know how we are doing in comparison with the traditional methods of production, where cocoa butter, sugar and other flavors play a big role. This is why this appreciated sweat, it shows that the whole market is always changing and is a place for new approaches.

I can’t avoid the father, as can be seen in the daytime.
Basically, 85 percent of the Czech consumption is closed (cafes, restaurants, had gourmet shops) and so it was completely out of time. But it works its own e-shop and several other e-shops, which we sell in R. Let’s also produce and sell and we are happy, even these days the people have a taste for quality surroundings.

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