She chose a non-traditional field and is in it, even though she is only 23 years old

Fields such as the passport, engraver and medal are not the ones that would be crowded. But Veronika Adamcov chose them and is very satisfied. And not only that, it is also very spn. Commemorative coins according to their designs are issued by the Czech National Bank. She designed the latest one, which sleeps the light of day in the next few days, for the company Zlaky.

Veronika Adamcov is a graduate of the Stedn Arts and Crafts Industry in Jablonec nad Nisou, majoring in passport and engraver. During the study, the middle wheels were found in the model relif. That is why after the middle round she signed up for you professional round in the field of raen medals and coins. From the greatest masters of this field in our country, such as the medal are Josef Oplitil, Vojtch Dostl, Petr Hork and Lubo Charvt. Although she completed her studies this year, she managed to do many things in the field.

Umleck wheels are fairly on course today. A lot of people would like to be designers, make attractive graphics, work on film, because these are things that are cool. But you chose the field of passport and engraver. What led to that?
I’m not very good with pota, so I didn’t enroll in the field of graphics. I didn’t have those ambitions. Umleck disciplines, however, appealed. that I ended up in the field of pasture was an accident. She brought her to him, who studied this field for two.

Have you not studied engraver since the arrest?
I got to the second field and three years later, when I did not succeed at graduation. But I didn’t want to give it up, I wanted to study dl. And the editor let me do it. And the first time I studied engraving, I gently ground medals.

Not only did it grind, you immediately signed up for the NB competition for commemorative coins in Sri Lanka Castles
Yes it is true. lo about to design a coin for the castle Zvkov. Unfortunately, I dropped out in the first round, but I’m quite proud of my first job.

A student of the medium-sized arts industry and the NB competition, did it take a lot of courage?
Not really, I was very curious. I was interested in how such a competition went and I wanted to try it on my own.

The first not in a hurry vs but did not discourage further competitions, is it?
On the contrary, I wanted to stick together and after going to the professional bike it was on its own.

So when did the first shower appear?
The first of these events was in the first semester of the first year, when I won the final term, in the cases of a set of coins for the year 100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia. Last year I was issued a silver coin with the motif of Bratislava Castle, which was issued by the Czech Mint. The biggest rush for me, however, was the victory in the NB public competition on the commemorative coin for the 500th year of the opening of the Jchymov tolar. It was released in January this year.

How takov sout probh?
NB back the conditions of the competition, the twist is at work msc and two. During this time, you have to come up with a proposal that will not only appeal to you, but also stand up to the commission. It consists not only of artists, but also of historians, technicians and people who understand the given darkness more than we mortals. When you hit the taste of the commission, there are always artists, not you, you, your teacher or the people who have accomplished a lot more and thus have more experience.

What did it mean for vs vszstv on the coin issued by NB?
For me, this meant a lot, especially since this is my first coin issued by the NB. Many people have noticed the events of this event and it is a good start to my career. Each medal takes it differently, but for all it is undoubtedly a significant event.

Commemorative coins for the 500th anniversary of the creation of the Jchymov tolars are not your only hurry. In the next few days, the coin you designed will be issued, but this time for the company Zlaky. How is work for a private company? Li in him from t for NB?
When working for NB, it is primarily a public competition, which I will defend. These competitions are very well filled and you are not sure about the game and realization in them. A private company usually addresses only one artist and makes an idea about what a coin should look like.

So what coin is it this time?
It is a golden commemorative coin for the birth of a child. A traditional motif that is popular in the Czech Republic as a dragon for newborns and newborns. Specifically, this coin is unusual in its rectangular shape. It will be released in April this year and only two hundred of them at a time.

Darkness born dtte, how much is it sloit?
Pretty much. Although I should be a woman to the darker than my fellow medal-mui, but I did not go through this life stage as an adult. So I had to deal a lot and get into the situation. The shape of the coin also bothered me, because I didn’t go into the rectangular shape of the bottom coin.

And what about coins before dark, Zvkov Castle and coins to the 500th year of the beginning of the Jchymov tolar where you were looking for inspiration for them?
Inspirations and thoughts erpm as a bath from the Internet and books of literature. When it is possible, I will go to a specific place to draw my own inspiration. I was, for example, at Buchlov Castle, where the NB competition was announced.

How do such coins and medals come about?
Sometimes the idea comes right away, but sometimes you grind and draw tons of design, which you end up throwing away anyway. In each design, the composition plays an important role and the selection itself. When I’m done with a design that I’m happy with, the modeling itself comes from a special dirt on a large wheel. This is a coin of the coin, with a diameter of 184 millimeters.

Neodlvaj if do sdry?
But yes. He spoke to the sdry, who came to the series when the modeling of the sculpture was finished, he talked to me a while ago. This is where the so-called negative is created, which I adjust with the help of wood and metal locks. I will add details that cannot be created in the wave, I will also scratch out the font. I repeat this process several times until the sdrov model is finished according to the design. Then from this sdrov’s negative odlvm sdrov positive.

Sdrov of negatives and positives, how is the difference between them?
In the negative, the relif of the coin is sunk into the depth, in the positive, the relif appears on the contrary. In other words, the positive is actually an authentic sign of the coin. In the negative it is possible to add a relif with the help of a pachl, in the positive it can be removed. The finished positive is finished for me.

How long does this process take?
The production time of sdrovch models varies according to the severity and size of the sculpture. It is usually a process that takes weeks from design to finished model, usually msc and two maxima.

The invited model is therefore complete. How to change the actual size of the coin?
Change can arise in more ways. Either scan the sculpture of the grinding wheel into the pot and then the freezing sculpture into the steel bar on the CNC machine. This creates a die, which is then used to make punches. The second possibility is casting into a resin model, which is transferred to a steel rod in an analog way using a reduction machine and a milling machine. This creates an opt matrix from which the punch is made. You then serve to rab coins and medals. The first change of the model is used for coins, their costs are in the hundreds. The type of model is used for NB coins, which are published in print costs.

We go back to your studio. This year you will graduate from VO. What do you have in full?
He will graduate the main round this year. Then I would like to enroll in the study of the pedagogical minimum and later pass on my experience and skills to future generations.

Fields like the one in, many people consider a peit. How do you see it?
You are right, many people consider these fields to be unnecessary and unnecessary, but I still see potential in them. And as I hurt her, I would like to develop them and give them to other generations, who will hopefully show interest and appreciate the production before machine production, as well as j.

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