Set up a brigade. The first is the best time

So don’t remember the low supply of spring brigade cities of the agency’s staff. The measures stopped operations due to the coronavirus pandemic, but not the full company. Now, the trade and production will be spread by a dozen brigades.

A place for ideas with an van, students for security guards or helpers to unpacking goods in the supermarket. There was nothing more varied among the spring brigades this year.

The situation is completely different from last year due to extraordinary measures in connection with coronavirus spandas, the number of newly entered brigds fell by about 70 percent during April, to Tom Ervn Dombrovsk, data analyst at LMC, which operates, and provided job portals.

The brigades thus recorded a ride in the spring, but the number of jobs did not fall; according to Dombrovsky, their supply fell by only half. There are several reasons. The cities for help in pubs and restaurants, in shops and other institutions, which have remained closed for half time, have disappeared, but these brigades are working elsewhere, in sectors that had to strengthen rapidly during the pandemic.

Due to the great decline of the automotive industry, gastronomy or the hotel industry, the people went to great logistics, for example. And in the warehouse of large e-shops, or between food distributors and other current gates, explains the changes in the labor market Marcela Vyskokov from the staffing agency Advantage Consulting. As a result, the people who lost their jobs from day to day quickly dismantled even the brigades that were usually among the drugs to go to the arrest.

I did it, and my children and I would go home with the children, I would go to the food brigade for a while. But I didn’t even find a town in the warehouse to live near. Vude u was full in April, at the age of Kateina, who is still at the Bystrc meeting in Brno.

Kdo ek na pleitost

That’s what they’re looking for. After the loosening of extraordinary security measures in May and June, the demand of companies will be at least slightly alive, notes Tom Ervn Dombrovsk. This is also seen by Michaela Dimitrov from Grafton Recruitment. From May, the demand for walls began to pick up. Of the brigades, employers are the only ones to help at most times, such as the staff and the quiet of the offices, to Dimitrov.

In the middle of May, the best auxiliary cities are dismantled by high school and high school students, who prefer several weeks of intensive work and earned pensions, then in the second half of the holidays they spend on travel. Now I am adding a number of those who will want to improve the house budget after a forced break. The workers will be asked for a brigade, their coronavirus companies will not be able to cope and the employees will be laid off.

Last year, at a time of economic growth, people were interested in the so-called weekend work and it is expected that this trend will follow last year. These one-off brigades were usually taken almost immediately after the public offer, adds Jitka Soukov from Grafton Recruitment.

Where to go after work these days?

E-shops, warehouses, e-commerce and the whole branch of medical needs are booming. They keep recruiting because their work is gradually leaving back to their original employers, and they are also creating new cities, because they are keeping up the high pace even further. At this moment, people are taking all their hands, all our feet, we have not registered such a demand for brigades, to Marcela Vyskokov from Advantage Consulting.

According to them, a large balcony of Brigdnica towns can also be expected in production. Marcela Vyskokov explains about the operation of mistakes abroad by workers who fled into their countries, such as the failure of commuters and the outflow of workers from the former entrance block.

Interesting baldness can be customer service. A pretty entrepreneur needs to keep communicating with customers and at the same time automate it to a certain extent. That’s why they’ll be looking for people on customer lines or for chatbot at first, thinks Tom Lenrt from the Manuvia employment agency.

There will be hundreds of jobs in gastronomy, hostels and tourism. Traditional seasonal opportunities will of course be in agriculture and construction, said Marcela Vyskokov.

Reward? Just like last year

It is enough that at the end of the summary, this year’s offer of brigades will not be for you last year either, but it cannot be expected that, as is a good habit for every year, the workload of employees will grow this year as well.

Brigdnk’s remuneration is likely to stagnate, in some cases there may be a decline, except for the growth of flows, including Tom Ervn Dombrovsk from LMC. However, the fact that the hours of reward of individual brigds will be adjusted by the companies according to the occupancy and performance of the brigds. More precisely, it will show the demand of companies in May and June, analysts said.

Last year, meziron brigdnick apan rose by 20 percent. According to Grafton Recruitment, workers in Prague made the most money, with the highest turnover hovering around CZK 250 per hour. In Brno from 110 to 170 crowns, in Ostrava from 90 to 150 crowns, in the Liberec region or in the Zlín region up to 130 crowns per hour. I am most interested in working in administration, human resources or finance.

How to drink

If you want to join a brigade, for example in the form of a performance agreement (DPP) or a performance agreement (DP), outside the main employment, there are no restrictions. In any case, you should make sure that it is a brigade in which you will carry out an activity that is not the same as the activity of the current employer, otherwise you must obtain the consent of the employer.

If, for example, a salesman from a clothing store wanted to go to a supermarket brigade, the current employer would have to agree to it. But when he finds a job in a warehouse and his current employer does not engage in such activity, he does not need consent, Tom explains Tom Lenrt from the Manuvia staff agency.

However, it is also important to remember that it is always necessary to take into account the field of activity of the employer, although at first glance it seems that it is not directly possible for the work of a specific employee. For example, a company that works for a construction company (ie a company that does not provide services) can easily work with another employer, unless it is another construction company, add Lenrt.

It is not possible to start a brigade in times of incapacity. In this case, it would be a violation of the regime, which could occur or shorten the illness. In the case of accountants, it is possible to perform work on a brigade, but in the days when an employee receives a part-time job, he does not have two accountants.

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