Seniors retiring and returning to work. Only those who are healthy

The population hardens and the retirement age is increasing. According to the Czech statistical series, the number of working people under the age of 40 is decreasing, but on the contrary, the number of employed people in exchange is increasing.

For seniors to work? According to experts, the reason is the gradual prolongation of the long life and improvement of the health condition of people in the post-productive age. Of course, it is also the finances that were confirmed by research in 36 Senior Points throughout the Czech Republic.

It showed that seniors today are far from feeling lonely than we might think, only 17.4% of them are alone. What almost everyone is is healthy. And the second problem of many seniors is pensions, according to Jakub Carda, director of public benefit company Spolen, which operates Senior Points.

The lack of funding for selected senior groups is also pointed out by the Czech Statistical Council (S). The group of people most at risk of poverty together with single mothers and first seniors, especially senior women, who also without a partner.

And so the retirees return to work. According to the director of the Department of Labor Market Statistics and Equality, Dalibor Holho often works in healthcare, social affairs, and according to the community, but also as a cashier in supermarkets. Employee opportunities will heat up and strong demand for employees.

People of retirement age can easily get an employment relationship for an indefinite period, they can come to an agreement on the performance of work and an agreement on work activities, but also entrepreneurship, explains the financial advisor of the Partners group Ondej Hatlapatka. Restrictions are limited only to those who take the early retirement. Until they reach the age of retirement age, they can only perform such a self-employed activity, which does not mean participation in social insurance, according to the counselor.

He is healthy in the first place

I don’t want to go to work. Physical fitness with age decline, chronic chronic diseases. On the other hand, many diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and underestimated health risks, such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, poor diet, overweight, or lack of exercise.

In this respect, a new trend is to look not only at so-called financial literacy during active life, but also at so-called health literacy, because these two things, although they may not seem so at first glance, go hand in hand, explains Ondej Hatlapatka. If the hunter is healthy, he is able to take care of himself, even in exchange. Get the means to live a job, take care of yourself, or even find a partner, because it is known that in two it works well. And financial.

What is health literacy

According to experts, it is with financial literacy as with financial literacy. Basics hunting dv family. The family is absolutely determined for life in terms of the subsequent management of the pension. If you have an adult to build a farm, that is, by incorporating basic breeding patterns, it is in a huge suit, to speak the Czech banking association Monika Petrskov.

Anyone who accesses their finances responsibly will get a lot of financial problems. And it’s the same with health literacy. Those who are responsible for their health often require health. A classic example is dental care, where even a public health insurance salary for a child did not have financial resources. If you have been taking care of your teeth since a few days, go for a preventive check-up, see. This also applies to eating habits or regular exercise.

Everyone is responsible for their own health to a certain extent. And investments in one’s own health are growing in importance and in financial fulfillment. This is also because the health care system will not be able to be as tdr in the future as the old generations used to, sums up Ondej Hatlapatka.

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