Seniors, come back, give companies and offer interesting benefits

A custodian in a museum, goes to a wolf, a promissory note or a representative at the store’s shop. m dl vc people in retirement age rush to work. All right. Companies are full of employees, seniors have tons of beer to retire.

Finding work for seniors on websites with work problems is a bit complicated. If you click on the job for seniors, a list will appear with a lot of offers for senior positions of buyers, constructors, fillers, analysts, sales representatives, who are not primarily intended for retirees, but for experienced recipients who work in the field for part time.

Elsewhere, the web has opened up vacancies for caregivers and nurses through social workers and retirees.

Pesto a number of companies after seniors ptr, because they do not have enough regular employees and start work so stuck.

The fact that the position is suitable for pensioners, we do not have in the advertisement only as a formality. At a time when every hand is wrong, we also take pensioners to Kateina tpov from the Brno waste company SUEZ Vyuit zdroj.

I thought I was young, about five years old. Most often in the position of manipulated debts or people to collect waste. Just a few days ago, even a five-year-old told me that he would like to ride on the steps of an Ash car. But it’s about work he would hardly be able to do to make the whole shift, mn tpov.

The pensioner also invites the Bill business chain to his ad. And you and the city of the representative at the head of a new store in Uhnvs crack. Wrong, how are the people, what dare they, to the regional manager Iveta Bajgarov.

Compared to mothers on maternity leave, who use special shifts, older people are usually more flexible. This is what the employer of the prices do, and they can also be patient. We have several positions here, they can be for the cut, at the cash register. They get a classic contract and during the trial period they can try it out on whatever fits them, the manager completes.

Nepou, call

However, the board of pensioners has its own specifics, which the HR specialist is slowly getting used to. For example, if the recipients contact them by phone rather than by e-mail. Don’t send CVs. Don’t have much. However, we have prepared a formula, which we fill in during the initial telephone interview ourselves, explains the following.

By far, only auxiliary work in production, drilling sites, cleaners or grandmothers for children are not reserved for pensioners. More and more companies are looking for professionals in the retirement age to help them keep up production, services and operations.

Describe dexterity, precision, reliability, the ability to take work, but to learn new things. For five hours a day, Ladislav, a five-year-old, goes to the company’s bills of exchange. I don’t want to sit on my ass at home, but I don’t want to sit on my ass at home either, the surroundings are full of work, I can almost choose a senior. When the owner shared a CNC obrbc machine, it started to interest him to go to work. Today at one long. Of course they had to learn me, but everything will last as long as the hunter thinks, smile satisfied.

But it is not always possible to climb to the highest metm. According to the Czech Statistical Series, each of the nine seniors works in healthcare and social fields, and each of them in education, operations, manufacturing and services, where more physical skills and dexterity need to be deployed, often at limits.

It would not limit them to our company rules, so it usually ends up not receiving a valid certificate, health and safety certificate, etc., explains Kateina tpov from SUEZ Vyuit zdroj. For example, their machine-idiom advertisement, which is also suitable for pensioners, is a condition for an ID card of group B, C, E, T, a machine license for wheel loaders, psychotests, an ID card and a professional card.

Former colleague back

Probably the most interesting for companies is if they can reach out and drink again, at least for an hour a day, they used to work together. With dark men, it was completely different with not a new one. Reason to work, vd, what I want from them are to work. They don’t hear enough for you to work at the same pace all day, but those three hours work as if they were at least twenty meters away, they can’t rush the old colleagues at the head of production in the carpentry for a long time.

Workers who can benefit from their knowledge of the company in many years will also appreciate the family company Urbania in Oechov u Brna, where they produce city mobile phones.

For most companies, there are regular workers in the middle age, from thirty to forty, who have experience, are physically fit and need to work, earn a living. But these are on the market m dl mn. Therefore, fresh retirees are an interesting group. They are people who, after a week in retirement, get bored, and work for them is not a living thing, but a gift. I don’t want us to pay them. Get the same conditions as the young workers, so they are not decisive, to the owner Miroslav Star.

The economic peak in Czech pubs is felt by their retirees and pensioners. Companies are usually paid as much as their regular employees. The hourly wage often ranges from eighty crowns, but it is more likely to be from one hundred crowns in. Non-weekly shifts are then appreciated by the employer and up to two hundred per hour.

We get all the mon bribes and go slowly we can dictate shifts. They’re fine, if we go at all. Only a three-year-old Jitka, who assembles products in an engineering company, laughs with all the strength that a hunter can do according to his duties. Depending on the area in which they operate, companies then try to lure retirees to etn benefits. It is necessary to come out of them and offer suitable conditions, usually a shortened ligament. Cooperation with pensioners is also interesting from the point of view of the seasonality of production. Thanks to the fact that they mainly have a pension, it is possible to agree, praises Star.

According to Onděj Wysoglad from the staff of the Adecco agency, seniors will also appreciate the opportunity to work from home or extra days off, in which they can come for health care.

At the end of last year, 460,000 people over the age of 60 were employed in the Czech Republic, which is 30,000 more than at the end of 2017. And the trend, according to a study by Adecco personnel examining the impact of the population on the labor market, continues this year.

The attitude of Czech employers in this regard is significantly improving. Companies are finding that in addition to the current shortage of manpower, their employees of the elderly have a number of other benefits. In addition to many years of experience and knowledge, these employees are characterized by a measure of loyalty, reliability and responsibility in their work duties. At the same time, they often provide better customer service, pay more attention to the good reputation of the company and show productivity in the manufacturing sector, to Wysoglad.

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