Sell ​​a busy apartment? Ask for fees, they can be very tons

The sale of a crushed apartment does not include tax on the transfer of real estate. And it’s logical. From the first point of view, this is not a sale, but a transfer of members first and duty. However, I will be charged fees for this transfer.

Mr. Rena has been a member of the housing estate for five years. She was satisfied with living so far, not least because she lives with her 90-year-old mother, living on the fourth floor was very difficult for them. And so Mr. Rena sold her apartment and bought an apartment in the same entrance on the ground floor. “I had to pay an entrance fee of twelve thousand as a new drustevnk,” says Lenka drustva. “I don’t understand, I’m just a piece of wood at the kiln,” he added. When she objected to the fee, it was only stated that they were in the statutes, according to her, no one was able to inspect the statutes.

By selling a small apartment, grow by being a member of the house

In the case of a bad apartment, you need to remember that the owner of the apartment is not you, but the driver as the first person. Therefore, you should not sell the apartment, but you can pay for the salary of the first member and the obligations in the housing estate, with which the first lease of the apartment is connected.

“If Mr. Rena sold the first members and duties, on this day she became a member of the housing estate, and the subsequent purchase of the first members became a member again,” explains lawyer Pavel Nastis. The continuity of membership in housing stock could therefore be Peruvian. “In my opinion, it is usually not an entrance fee, but rather a fee for the transfer of first-class members,” says Nastis.

The fee for the transfer of member states is not limited

“In this particular case, it is really not a new entry fee of a member of the company,” confirms the chairman of SBD Tan Miroslav Gryc. “Every transfer of first-class shares and the obligation, ie the so-called sale of a crushed flat, is connected with a number of extraordinary constituencies of a small piece of flats,” he adds.

For these horses, the homeowner is entitled to a fee. In the case of a two-room apartment, which Mr. Rena transferred to a person in an unrelated relationship, this fee was approved and set at 11798 crowns. At the same time, the only fee that has to be paid, ie the so-called seller, has to pay the fee.

In the end, however, the bustle halved the fee. “The Board of Directors took into account the reasons for the sale of the first members and the obligation to live in the fourth floor during the current reciprocal purchase of the same apartment in the ground floor due to the health status of the applicant and her mother. In the end, Mr. Rena paid only 5,850 crowns.

Replacing the apartment would be significantly cheaper

According to the chairman of the SBD, Mr. Rena was able to charge the trusteeship for a fee. In terms of the fee waived, it is stated that the apartments were nicely “sold” for the same sales and purchase price. “If it was in fact a simultaneous transfer of the first two members of the housing estate in the same house without any financial compensation, the members of the company with the first members of the country could have the so-called exchange of the apartment, which we recommended on the membership,” emphasizes the SBD chairman. Only 847 crowns would be charged for the exchange of the apartment.


  • You are not allowed to sell the mortgage apartment, because the apartment is owned by the commodity, ie the first person. However, it is possible to pay for the salary of the first member and the obligations in the housing estate, with which the first lease of the apartment is connected.
  • Transfer of membership first and obligation not subject to approval in the housing estate. It is only necessary to deliver a written notice to the company that such an agreement has been concluded.
  • By signing the contract, the acquirer becomes a member of the housing estate with very first and obligations, and then concludes a soft contract with the housing estate.
  • The draft agreement is preferred by experts, ie the first. Inky vi drustvu, the contract is immediately submitted to drustvu.
  • When “selling” a bankrupt apartment, you do not need an expert opinion, the real estate is not subject to real estate tax, but the bank transfer fee is required.
  • The first fee does not stipulate the maximum fee, but it must be approved by the member meeting. If only I have the first to issue the statutes and the file from the membership meeting for inspection (241 paragraph 3 of the Commercial Agreement).

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