Save energy. Change supplier now and go for this winter

The end is healthy, after all years of rising energy prices, there will be a turnover. Gas distribution will be cheaper, so electricity will be cheaper and the fee for renewable sources will be reduced. And when you go to another supplier, you can save go vc. Te je ten sprvn as.

“After several steps, it was possible to achieve a reduction in the price for the distribution of natural gas for the end of the order in 2014 by an average of five percent,” said the chairwoman of the Energy Regulatory AduAlena Vitskov. Payment for distribution in gas is less than the total price (about 20 percent), however, disputes will still be in the breath of hundreds of crowns.

For electricity, estimates are jet optimistic. “The actual commodity will go down by 10 and 15 percent and we know that the same amount will go down the payment for distribution,” predicts Michal Eisner from ENA consultants.

Good at first for customers, if it should not be a one-time affair, but a long-term trend that will continue in 2015. According to experts, the economic crisis, which reduces demand and developed a competitive struggle between suppliers. me and the political situation in Germany. And uritouroli also play energy auctions, for which the supplier loses orders.

“There is an inconvenience in auctions that you do not know in advance who will be your supplier. When you enter the auction, close up, sign a contract with that supplier and you will still have to accept his business conditions, ”points out Tom Such from the comparison of and adds that at the same time the auction is supported by better suppliers who The development of prices for a long time is often very optimistic. More about auctions here.

Change suppliers as soon as possible

If the advertised discount is not enough, if you do not want to go all the way, ask yourself if it is not worthwhile to change suppliers. And because the whole change takes at least three months, it is now a regular time to cheapen a substantial heating season.

“According to the heating curve, which has been monitoring gas consumption for a long time throughout the year, from January to April there will be about half the rate of gas consumption,” said Tom Such. “When someone decides to change and at the end of winter, it is too late, because the same heating season will remain with the existing supplier and at the original price,” adds energy consultant Martin Koutn from the portal

Konkrtnspora of course depends on consumption, type of tariff and contracts by the supplier. When consuming electricity, those megawatt hours will remain in the family pennant and by CZK 1,500 more.

How much to learn on gas, we can take a concrete example from the comparison of

  • One household stays in RWE – ron zaplat46 282 korun.
  • The type of household will now ask for a change of supplier and from January it will be with the cheap supplier E.ON, ie CZK 6,174 per year.
  • Due to the fact that in January and April it consumes about half of the total gas consumption, it can be assumed that the dispute will go in this heating list. 3,087 crowns.

According to Michal Eisner, in addition to lowering prices for gas and electricity, we can expect a decrease in the fee for renewable sources by about one hundred crowns.

I eat somewhere else to fall

Even despite demonstrable disputes the number of households of my suppliers fell.For?

“The large supplier, which in previous years lost the most customers in favor of less and cheaper, drank with an attractive price offer, which was also supported by an extensive marketing campaign. Thanks to that, they managed to hit the existing clients, ”said Michal Hardyn from the energy comparison, adding that a smaller supplier will still be available, with several hundred crowns in addition. However, the low number of customers is not worth leaving the supplier with the established brand.

The reason for this may be the stagnation of door-to-door sales. ”Clients are now informed and do not let themselves be convinced by a single offer, in some cities the door-to-door sales themselves are also a business,” adds Tom Such.

Jana Poncarov from Energetick poradna notes that behind less changes in the supplier, there are also client volumes from previous years. “He did not have groups of customers still b several years of contractual volumes. So they don’t have the opportunity to make cheap offers and change suppliers. ” According to them, clients who take advantage of significant discounts under the condition of fixation for more years should also learn from this. “If customers turn to a large supplier for two or three years, they risk that in the event of a fall in gas prices, they will pay a lot more money than the competition,” Poncarov warns.

“The only way these clients can change their supplier is to change the supplier’s prices or business conditions, which for some suppliers can be expected with the start of the new year,” adds Tom Such.

they are not interested in detailed printing

But if you really do, depending on how carefully you read all the conditions, contracts and invoices. So if you have a detailed overview of how much and for what you pay. First of all, according to a survey by the IBRS agency, don’t do much.

Like a lid

A total of 37 percent of respondents admitted that they do not have an invoice at all. Interest is only in arrears, or in arrears. “As research has shown, the young and middle generation are practically not interested. Even old customers do not pay much attention. Only 29 percent of those over 60 years of age said they would pay the duty, ”said Tom Horejsek of the IBRS agency.

The interest in the items on the fact could be improved by the planned change in the law, which is the dream of the Energy Regulation. Thanks to the customer, the customer can simplify the form of the invoice that some large energy suppliers have today.

Think about changing suppliers to save money?

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