Salt obas left, a duck never. How and for how much let’s face it

The number of menus over the last summer has been marked by a lot of trends. Boxes with healthy food, vegan and raw food, smaller portions, a variety of national cuisines. Employees are also the most likely to spend on vepo dumplings green, sirloin and balls.

If you feel that there is a kind of vegetarian hunter in your social bubble, you can be sure that the neighbor next door can see it the other way around. If you are happy at noon, put something warm in the bagel, nothing changes. And definitely don’t just go for cold sandwiches from the machine. I want quality, good and rich food. And this is the reason, for even a number of news and live deaths, in the orders, including candles above salt and pork before tofu.

Most smaen jdla sr and zek are stl evergreens. And then, of course, classics like svkov, raj, vepo with cabbage, gul, baking with penta, named after Martin Avratov from the Doot company from Hulna, who spreads thousands of times a day for companies and households in the Kromsko region. At the same time, their clients should not. Every day prepare those meals for them. This week, for example, vegetable salt with arugula and kuet, potato ike with soft or fish fillet with roasted ampions.

Let’s take our own dumplings and people like them. Dumplings, potatoes, pasta order the most, in Martina Avratov.

Dumplings are not just ordered by people who work physically and need a large portion. Enjoy the office, teacher or students.

The canteen of Mendel University in Brno publishes no more than two and a thousand times a day for students, cantors and companies in the area. Salts will remain, not a duck. esk cuisine among the sites clearly leads. When we mention sirloin, gul, Moravian sparrow with penta and potato dumplings or confit duck with cabbage, we always have to add portions compared to other dishes on the daily menu, to the head of the canteen František Ostek.

Although conservative appetite for mixes and mash, many catering companies try to break the offer of foreign dishes, such as Japanese sui, Italian pasta or hearty Vietnamese soup, they always turn from time to time to confined tastes.

I like to taste anything, except maybe fried insects, I go to it and to the vegetarian dining room. But when I’m very hungry at noon, I’ll go to the bistro for something. They like their great and so dramatic great, to Elika Horkov, who first ordered a killer soup in a Brno bistro near Svobody Street.

Mn fat, men porce

Although it seems that nothing has changed in Czech cash for years, this is not true. The overgrown beetroot is replaced by lean pieces, generally less fat is given, but more vegetables get on the plate and the portions have changed, at least in the lunch menu.

Not perhaps if we modify the recipes, nothing changes on them, the plaster for the candles must be the same as years ago, but the operator of the Dobr chvle restaurant in Neslovice in the Brno region, Lubomr Holoubek, can be relieved.

Therefore, the Czech classics allow the people in a sedentary job, who do not meet many calories per shift. This was evidenced by a recent survey by Sodexo, where a quarter of a person’s values ​​of working lunches as good quality and far away, were not in the prime time. On the other side of the whole aunt’s work, with nostalgia he remembers in portions. These are mainly missing in Vysoin, Stecky, Moravskoslezsk, Plzeskm or Stedoeskm regions.

Prices went up

People from the border are to go to one party for working lunches. They are long. This is also the result of the latest survey of Edenred food stamps, which generates statistics from 1.3 million transactions in Czech restaurants. The route has risen the most in the last year to the people of the cities in the northwestern and southwestern Czechs. In Prague and Brno (where the people pay for the lunches of traditional traditions the most) I was happy.

The current rise in prices in the regions bordering Germany and Austria is of greater reason. In phraninch regions, the restaurant market in the labor market intensified competition from Germany and Austria. They must therefore increase their salaries more sharply so that their employees do not leave abroad. This, of course, was reflected in the prices. We can also see the impact of the summer tourist season here in the short term. Thanks to the demand of foreign visitors, prices did not go up, say Zbynk Vystril from Edenred.

But prices went up and elsewhere. In June, the price of the lunch menu also rose by five crowns in Huln Doot. We had low prices for a long time and it didn’t work out. The raw materials were very successful, we buy onions or potatoes in the dark for twice, explains Martina Avratov. The client did not lose any. Even so, the prices are low compared to the Czech average, for the menubox there pays 75 crowns.

The first owner of dining rooms and restaurants in the regions and especially in smaller towns are one of the first to know how the economy works. If people’s salaries increase, eaters are happy to pay for quality food. People in the regions are much more likely than two to order not only meals from the midday menu, but also from a regular menu and combine more courses. What we were used to from Prague or Brno is becoming more and more common in other cities, notes Zbynk Vystril from Edenred.

The menu will also include pee krlk, freshwater fish, killers and hunting delicacies or seasonal specialties, such as St. Martin’s goose, which will be in the restaurant restaurant this weekend. It will also get into our weekly menu as a VIP menu. I’m not afraid it wouldn’t be for sale. People like to enjoy the penny they don’t have so often. Lubomr Holoubek from the Dobr chvle restaurant is happy to want quality and time and for a tasty meal.

In the last year as a whole, the number of tracks increased by 6.5 percent, ie by 8.10 crowns. For comparison, consumer prices in the Czech Republic rose by only 2.7 percent.

Zbynk Vystril comments on how positive the consumer mood in the Czech Republic is.

Prmrn lawn for obd
Msto treats 2018 treats 2019
Prague 131,60 K 139,40 K
esk Budjovice 117,10 K 126,00 K
Plze 115,90 K 125,10 K
Carlsbad 111,30K 119,90 K
st nad Labem 108,10 K 117,20 K
Liberec 115,10 K 123,20 K
Hradec Krlov 113,80 K 121,90 K
Pardubice 112,40 K 120,40 K
Jihlava 106,70 K 114,70 K
Brno 123,20 K 130,50 K
Zln 110,80 K 118,10 K
Olomouc 107,30 K 115,30 K
Ostrava 107,10 K 115,10 K
Prmr R 116,40 K 124,50 K

Source: Edenred, data are from 2018 and 2019

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