S platky un nemaj idii anci. There is an expert on banging cars

According to the car, I know the nature of the people, for example, the owner of a Volvo is often mistaken, Volkswagen has a businessman who wants to get out of business fast. He goes through two and two thousand cars. Some are just a little banged, others are fully destroyed.

“When I know that someone has died in that car, I go to him with such a strange feeling and more slowly than usual,” said mobile technician Jindra Echov.

Twice a week, it is almost impossible to park in front of the center of the Czech network at the town hall. Lots of people paying for their insurance policies, and Jindra Echov could check them out. The rest of the day, Dnsko and Luknovsk vbek, stayed for those days and went through the car in the service or directly at the owner’s home.

You are a car specialist and one of the few mobile technicians. How do you react to vs mui? It is a furnace just before their field.
From the arrest, many owners were surprised that they would be seen. They thought I didn’t understand and tell me something. Then they found out that they just didn’t.

Do you have a close relationship with cars?
She became interested and here in the insurance company. Until then, all I knew was that they had three bikes. I even worked for this job. But quite quickly the world caught cars. My colleagues helped me at the arrest, when I was a little confused. Gradually, I managed a professional term, learned where to look in cars. Nevertheless, I sometimes go to something surprising, for example, I recently saw a sports ferrari. The owner drove into the sidewalk and destroyed the wheel disks. He told me that he was also cold. It seemed weird to me, I started to lose and this ferrari really cooled my rear wheel. I’ll remember that.

Ferrari? eila you drive somehow interesting car?
One man reported a crashed military wind, I had never seen a car like this before.

Are you on the road, aren’t you exhausting?
Sometimes bv cestovn nronj. I drive 170 kilometers a day, on some routes there are almost no petrol stations at all, not even toilets, and that is unpleasant. A car rushes outside, sometimes it’s cold. astokrt I’m so dirty. In my car, I not only drive a lot of food, but also wear clothes. This winter has trained me to think that there would still be a lot of petrol in the tank if I had accidentally fallen and waited for towing so that I could at least flood.

So you have a lot of cities left on your work map?
There are a lot of terrains, that’s the way it goes. In the winter of this year, a grove drove you somewhere in the middle of the forest, where a harvester was standing. We drove a ternnm car, so fast that I thought I’d tip off on the road. He drove to the city, where only three huge wheels were watching from the snow. When we got out, we fell into the snow after ps. So I told Hajnma, and he walks in front of me and spreads a snow shovel to the main and around n. I spent a few hours there at the time.

How do ete nejastji codes?
It is woven or, in fact, almost all. Recently, there are the most wrecked cars from behind. People do not keep enough distance and then do not approve. but also damaged the front of the car, broken the windshield, dressed the sides and “totlky”. When I didn’t know anything happened to the judge, I didn’t have a problem checking the car. But when the service tells me it was spruce, and then you see blood on the airbag… It’s not very nice.

Zkouej vs lid podvst?
Some, of course, try to throw something at the code, but often change their mind about my argument. When I have a whole side dressed in one line and then go shows me a much old crunch on the other side, in addition to other things, then I’ll tell him straight away, and stop it. The suspicion is when I see a whole new superb, the technical order described above and down by the previous owners, a young boy comes with it and shows me a broken pedestal. But the airbags are banging from the side. Such suspected cases will be sent directly to our control department in Prague. Especially with the economic crisis, when unemployment has risen in our region, people are trying to get pensions as much as possible.

And what about salaries?
So I met them um people don’t have anci. But I admit that I do not return the flower that I received as a horseshoe.

Meet fake wrecks?
Of course, even such cases happen. What is suspicious is the situation where the figures are fully broken, a new track car, which collided with some code 120. It was previously clear for depreciation.

And how do people treat vm people? Don’t worry sometimes?
No, don’t worry. But it is true that the people behave differently. Once I went to an insurance event the family had a destroyed car on lease. As soon as I drank, they started to tell me that they wouldn’t give them anything and how awful it was. I saw that the car was completely destroyed and that the repair would be expensive, not its value. Also kik jet amplified. So I called our contracted service to see how much the repair would cost using non-genuine lengths. stka dropped, also the car could be repaired. Mr. almost hugged me, thanked him and sneezed, as it would not happen that anyone would help anyone. At first it looked like they were taking a stick, but then they raved at me.

How many cars do you view every day?
The norm is eight cars a day, but of course there are more, ten to one. I’ll get a surcharge for that. It didn’t happen that there would ever be more of them. Last year alone, there were 250,000 codes on cars in the whole country, and the number of destroyed cars here today with us is quite normal.

How long does it take for a damaged car?
Bad on the way he is driven. But it only takes ten minutes, not a special formula tells about the car, the owner and how the accidents happened. Then I have to inspect the whole car and take a picture of the time. Very bad in the photos. I give a twist of mucus, where I summarize the condition of the vehicle and turn off the equipment. The owner or service technicians will sign the mucus if they agree with it. It will take an hour or two. Then grow to the next fall. Veer polu on the center to Prague all the cases from that day. Liquidator at the point of spot and pay the damaged pension.

Years ago you had to do everything yourself…
Yes, we liquidated the insurance events directly on Dn. We went around the falls, took pictures, covered the codes and paid out the pensions. Then it changed. I think that this system is better, the work has accelerated and there can be no fraud, in which case the owner would agree with the liquidator to give him a “better price”. I will send them to the headquarters and I do not know which of the liquidators will deal with them.

Bav vs tahle prce?
Power. I don’t mind working even after evenings at home, when I adm nov down and break my way for the day. Probably a professional deformation, under the look at the cars and km: “This m munch, this glass broke,, here’s a little banged ass…”

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