Rozeven nky eskch dchod: od 2 940 korun a po 92 tisc

There are now more than 2.2 million seniors in the old-age pension, which is about 280,000 people more than in 2005. The pensions themselves are also growing. At the end of this year, the average pensioner received 10043 crowns from the capital, ie by 2343 crowns more, which was not the case five years ago.

For many people, it is not the old-age pension of alms, the above-average central pension is now over 713 thousand pensioners. Pensions in the range from 10,200 to 11 thousand crowns are received from the state, for example 235 thousand people.

Another 357 thousand pensioners have pensions in the range of 11 and 13 thousand crowns per month and in the range from 13 thousand crowns and in the middle of the reduced pension over 121 thousand old-age pensioners.

“The highest old-age pension, which is paid in the Czech Republic, exceeds 92 thousand crowns per month. Take him with a hunter. On the other hand, the lowest old-age pension is now 2,940 crowns and will be taken by about five thousand people, ”notes Kamil Vaeka, speaking the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ).

Solidarity can be combined with justice

The Czech pension system is based on the principle of solidarity, which means that people in productive age finance senior pensions. “There are now 2.17 fees per pensioner,” says Vaeka.

However, according to the April verdict of the Constitutional Court, the pension system is not fair to people with high incomes. The personal exchange deposits, which are used to replace the old-age pension, are reduced for people with high incomes, what their income is reduced.

They gave them hope that this would change me. People who have invested much more in their pensions than people with low incomes should receive your pension (more about the aunt’s verdict of the Constitutional Court here).

The change concerns only future pensioners

“The court finds all pensions, ie old-age, invalid and survivors’ benefits. Pensions will have to be spent differently, as currently by experts from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. We consider monenning and model variants in the future, including the impact that will result in specific proposals, ”explains Tpnka Filipov, speaking the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs does not want to estimate how much the change should affect the change, and the extent to which this will affect the case. At the moment, the only thing that is clear is: “The change should not concern her completed pension, but the arrival of new entrants. It will therefore apply to new pensioners and new granted pensions. Expenditure on old-age and other pensions will depend on the chosen day and will require a wide range of political consensus, ”explains Filipov.

According to Filipov, the proposals, which will become the basis for a change in legislation, will be ready by the end of May. The government should discuss them from the May elections, and by the end of this year at the latest, the draft amendment to the pension scheme will reach the Chamber of Deputies. In practice, the new audit should be operational from June 2011.

In retirement paid vc, not collected

At the same time, the cost of paying all pensions, ie old-age, disability and survivors’ benefits, does not exceed income. In the first quarter of this year, roughly 80.4 billion crowns were needed to pay the tm 3.5 million pension for the tm 2.8 million people.

In the first quarter of 2010, taxpayers paid a total of 73.9 billion crowns in pension income, which is 6.5 billion less.

How many crowns were collected and paid for pensions in the 1st quarter of 2010
members a bezen 2010 in billions of K
Income from insurance premiums for pensions 73,915
Total pension expenditure 80,474
Of which:
Old-age pensions 62,814
Invalidn dchody III.stupn 7,385
Invalidn dchody II.stupn 0,937
Invalidn dchod I.stupn 3,032
Widow’s vests 5,007
Widow’s pensions 0,523
Sirot dchody 0,775
The difference between income and marriage – 6,559
Zdroj: SSZ

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