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With the descendant of the offspring, the families got married. How are the costs, ie all-day boarding, pocket money, school supplies, leisure time, clothes, shoes and toys, for each from the first to the fifth? Rodies have known distorted ideas about them.

According to Finann’s barometer of the Partners company, 35 percent believe that in five years they will spend a maximum of 50 thousand crowns for their descendants, and roughly the same number estimates the costs from 50 to 100 thousand.

These are well-known ideas. According to qualified companies from the financial consulting company Partners, the cost of children from the first to the fifth is around 200 and 220 thousand, which is about 3,500 crowns. It’s an embarrassing guess if the birth has to buy offspring in the nov. In case of having more than one child who can inherit, I estimate the costs at 2,500 a
3,000 crowns msn, explains Financial consultants Dana Mchalov.

between 200 and 250 thousand estimated an estimated percentage of parents, data from 150 to 200 thousand then voted seven percent of respondents. I believe that the bottom is underestimated because births according to research most often cover these costs from fixed income, adds Dana Mchalov.


Of the common income, even the rest of the family members would not have to be modest, 44 percent of the castle tracks for a total of 44 percent. About a percentage of mnrodi it is similar, only on the rest of the others. Each of the twelve families pays money from previous disputes and financial reserves.

How to cover n

Children are a big investment, similar to buying a car and an apartment. Just as you fill them long in advance, you can prepare for your children from the first salary. Ideally, you should set aside 10 percent of your income. According to the chosen strategy and the amount of delayed resources, you can put together the necessary equipment for the flight in the dark without a breakdown, the advice of Dana Mchalov.

The most common mistake that gives birth to palms is that, despite the excessive darkness at the maternity ward, they close the building blocks. However, this is most effective at a rate of 1,700 crowns for six and seven years. And the new family allows me to do that when dreaming with their parents and mother. In addition, the building joint is not suitable for fifteen or twenty years of bonding, it can be used for much more effective products.

By the end of the study, the offspring will cost a million

According to Partners, the first year dttepes give birth to 62 thousand crowns. From a year to five years, the costs are around 180 thousand, in the first five years of school attendance give about 213 thousand crowns, the type of degree, ie six and nine, will be 220 thousand. On the middle round, the nurses should prepare about 185 thousand, and if they want to have a high school descendant, the costs will increase by another 300 thousand crowns.

In total, the expenses for the offspring from birth to the end of the high round are about 1160000 crowns. Of course, it is possible to dream of the costs with the help of relatives and acquaintances, the walls of old clothes and equipment, and in later life to motivate them to secure their own income in the form of brigades, concludes Dana Mchalov.

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