Robbed vs ATM? You only get a pension

Even a relatively banny operation, such as a call from an ATM, turns me into a nerve impulse. It is possible when the automatic pension does not issue and at the same time closes the transaction. ance to get from the bank in such a case pensions back unfortunately are not big.

First, go to the bank
You should apply for your pension at the branch of the bank that runs the amount, from which the amount has disappeared. For complaints about an irregularity, you have, for example, 75 days in the Czech Savings Bank, and in the SOB then three months after the transaction has taken place.

The business is quite free at both banks, in the case (from the bank’s point of view) an unjustified claim for a horse card can be charged according to the valid tariff of three hundred crowns.

The Bank checks the available information on the transaction in the so-called urn (information on the ATM’s activities and the course of the collection), the information registered in the central authorized center, in card associations and in the inspection of the ATM in question. If the given transaction took place, then it should have the same meaning in all systems.

ATMs will help you with many

From the ATM of another operator two banks hands pry
If a different situation occurs in the case where the ATM is operated by a company other than a bank, you are making a complaint. In such a case, the banks only become intermediaries of the complained woman with the ATM operator and the decision of the operator is d. They are not in a contractual relationship with these companies and do not assume any day liability.

The operator keeps records of transactions made by the ATM and cash issued from it. If he does not find a surplus and the responsible employees do not record anything suspicious at the ATM, the complaint will be rejected by the bank.

estn psaha vm nepome
According to internal information of one of the large banks, 99 percent of complaints are accepted in favor of clients and 1 percent are rejected in the case of non-cash transfers, but the ratio of complaints about cash transactions is again.

The bank has a strong position in these cases. Evidence that the operation did not actually take place, namely on the client.

“The problem is the limited evidence. Theoretically, it could weigh in the weight of witness statements, which, in the presence of an expert opinion that would allow such a defect at the ATM could occur, could mean a rush, ”to Jaroslav Vako from

Thin experience

tenka Jana inserted her valid card into the Euronet ATM, entered the data according to the instructions, the machine did not issue the required CZK 2,000.

Surprised, Jan waited at the end of the month, when she received an entry where the cash transaction, including the fee for withdrawal from an ATM, was removed from here. SOB, where it was conducted, did not accept the complaint.

Obtaining a witness is often in conflict with the conditions that the client signs at the bank. The cardholder is obliged to ensure the security of the card in self-service and to prevent the disclosure of the PIN of the person.

The institution of the financial arbitrator, who takes the costs of expert opinions during his trial, is not able to help me. According to arbitrator Otakar Schlossberger, the sheep is very complex, falling from the fall of others. The composition is in the information that the client receives on the screen and in the chronology of the urn from the ATM. There were several cases, only rarely did the arbitrator decide in favor of the client.

Zaaran bread
The court has not yet ruled in a similar case. The probability of a game cannot therefore be estimated, and judicial aptitudes would probably be strengthened by a choice, not to mention the time spent. The client is in a similar situation fully dependent on the assessment and decision of the bank. It is clear that the bank of complaints cannot be accepted flatly and without trial, but if the situation really occurs in rare cases, the consumer will find himself in a demonstrable need.

Zkuenost ten

“I wanted to withdraw pensions from an SOB ATM, but I did not receive a hundred thousand crowns. I did not think that the transaction had taken place, ”said bank client Zdenk from Prague. So he found out over time that his bank had withdrawn his pension.

“At that time, I used the ATM of another bank, not the world, and that is why both banks communicated with each other about the room. In the end, it ended up being asserted against assertion. SOB claimed that I got my pension, and vice versa. Because some time has passed since the collection, according to SOB representatives, it was not possible to find out from the ATM who was right. “

Ani Zdenk so svch pt tisc zptky nezskal.

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