Rich ei expect crisis in two years and my investment strategy

According to estimates, there are over 30 thousand dollars in the Czech Republic. Compared to last year, more than half of them own two and nine percent of their assets. The domestic economic situation is much better, not in previous years. This follows from the Wealth Report 2019 study, which was mapped by J&T Banka, how to go and invest rich money.

The growth of the wealth of Czech dollar millions is mainly due to their business and the income from it. Half of them say that it is hard for them to keep their wealth. Invest on a long-term and regular basis and in most cases they are not speculators, only five percent of bohatch speculates.

They are people who think a lot ahead and are a litmus test for the future. They have a great source of information to analyze, be interested in what is happening at home and abroad, to Jaroslav Cir of Perfect Crowd, who met some of the millions of dollars in person during the probe’s summer to find out more details about their lifestyle. a investinm chovn. This year, he had a total of 165 rich echoes seen in his private home.

It is important to note that while since 2013 the rich and economies in the country have supported and considered the situation for their investments to be favorable, this year this is not the case. Their yard is cooling in the current domestic economy. Be worried that the economy has slowed down. Estimate the onset of change and the economic crisis over two years. But they are ready for the crisis. He also sees the crisis as a resentment of issuing and valuing assets, remarks Alena Tkov, director of private banking at J&T Bank.

How rich to invest this year

And where do you look for the best value for your pension? The most profitable are long-term investments in building land and residential and other real estate. At the same time watch the spillover problems in the real estate market. In the case of land, the expected return on land is mainly due to the declining number of these investment opportunities, especially in the area of ​​capital and regional cities and their surroundings, to Petr Sklen, chief economist of J&T Bank.

They call energy and IT services the promising industries in which they invest. The need to invest is also the desire to ensure the current standard of living in the distant future. The most useful source of investment information is their bank, working contacts and business partners.

The probe has shown that the rich investment in this year is also rich. While last year they wanted to invest in the start-up, which was 35% rich, this year is a year of departure from these investments. Only 19% of them are now willing to invest in these start-up companies. This is due not only to the expected slowdown in the economy, but also to the fact that investments in start-up companies are time and money, and there may not be a positive result, notes Petr Sklen.

The probe also indicated a departure from cryptocurrencies, which are not based on the quantitative approval of central banks, have not fulfilled the equivalent of dollar million in terms of independent currency and safe investment. As a safe alternative, the rich prefer gold, in which 15 percent of them now invest, which is 10 percent more than last year, adds Sklen.

What do you consider rich to be an interesting investment?
Investment 2019 (v%) 2018 (v%)
Building land 41 39
Residential real estate 36 29
Jin real estate 26 20
Alternative investments 21 20
Shares of foreign companies 20 20
Zemdlsk pda 20 18
Start-upy 19 35
Corporate bonds 18 16
Gold 15 5
Shares of Czech companies 12 9
Smnky 9 11
Commodities 5 8
Catch funds 5 5
Kryptomny, bitcoin 3 8
Shops with me 3 5
zdroj: Wealth Report 2019

Where vid gave investment opportunities

The great potential for investment in the near future can be seen by millions in fields such as household waste or in social services and in the elderly. It is perceived that there is a lack of social services in the Czech Republic, a home for the elderly and mistakes and the capacity for professional training. They themselves have a problem with these fuels, because they give birth to them and you need them more closely. Therefore, 20% of them consider private investment in social services and care for the elderly.

And who are actually millions of dollars? They are on average 53 years old, they are strong men with a university degree who have a business in their country. In the range of 4049 years, the piblin is a hundred million dollars and young people under 40 years of age less than 10%. en is long-term in the waters of our spnch and bohatch people around 10%.

In an international comparison, one million dollars are still young, while the average age is 61 years. Their available assets are the same, at least one million dollars, ie in terms of conversion to crowns over 23 million crowns.

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