Retirement: You don’t have to spread banknotes

Sit at the cash register and don’t know how to protect your pension first? Lawyer Dominik Brha will answer the most frequently asked questions about material liability.

The cash register is located so that all customers can see where they sell their pensions. In addition, he often has to go to the warehouse. Responsibility for the loss of pensions, even if you can not still look for them?

The liability agreement assumes that the employee can handle his values ​​in person at all times. In this case, it will only be if it is a lockable and otherwise secured cash register. It must be secured in such a way that no one else has access to the pensions. If the employee has to move away from the coffers during his full-time work and his pension is stolen, then he will be released from liability if he proves that the deficit arose without his fault, you will first break into the coffin.

The employee may withdraw from the liability agreement if the employer, even after a written notice, does not eliminate defects in the working conditions, which soon manage his values, for example, will not protect the cash register with anyone.

Me selling refuse to blur pensions?

The first regulations do not impose on commercial, business or sell the day-to-day obligation to distribute pensions to people. It is therefore possible that the size of any financial amount is a good responsibility for both entrepreneurs and employees. If he refuses, do not disagree dn regulation.

DESCRIPTION: how to present yourself first so that you are interested?

Is it possible to refuse ptitiscovka for a small purchase worth several crowns in terms of security?

The procedure for renting pensions and dealing with them is the decree of the National Bank. Valid Czech banknotes can be accepted indefinitely, regardless of their value. Only banknotes that are damaged by circulation can be rejected by individuals when paid. Conversely, companies must accept banknotes damaged by circulation if they are customs and integrity.

If there is a suspicion that the pension is not right, the individual will refuse it. The first person (company) has to remove the bag and write it down with a confirmed receipt. If the authenticity of the banknotes is later revoked, it must give it its right value.

As for coins, only banks accept payment without restrictions. All the others, most often the first sellers, have the first refuse to accept coins over 10 pieces of this face value. If you only pay with ten crowns and coins, the sale does not have to be taken if the purchase is not more than 100 K. If the purchase is not 500 K, you can also reject coins of your value.

What to watch out for

1. Before receiving a pension or goods from the employer, submit a transfer and inventory.

2. Spend time on your time whenever someone else at the cash register.

3. If the company is safe for security, safe and storage, ask the employer in writing to correct it. They did not remove the defects, you can withdraw from the contract on material liability within 15 days.

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