Results of the financial literacy test. Tk otzky also caught experts

Six weeks later, you had the opportunity to participate in the currencies of financial literacy and test your knowledge in a megatest prepared by the server in cooperation with Pinme first answers and the result of a mini-survey between politicians and experts.

Everyone who defended the test will admire each other. It took a lot of time to fill it in and answer all 60 questions, even those who know each other and answer the answers for a moment.

Who was not sure, couldvyvyut npovdy on the Internet.Although seeding failed to complete the test without error, urit you learned a lot of novchinformac. And it is better to make a mistake in the test, not to pay the unnecessary payment of pointless debt and to suffer for not understanding the terms of a financial product.

She first passed the test less than three percent of that

Both 8 thousand servers covered the test, 7,088 passed the test and the 759 people on the server. The total return from both servers is 3.7 percent. the servers of were spnj, he correctly filled out the test kad est.

Those who answered all 60 questions correctly, so they did not make a single mistake, proceed to the draw for the HTC Explorer smartphone.

The sun is sunny, 60 points were won by only 164 competitions on and 126 by the server. So we will draw from 290 competitions. Find out the name of the new mobile phone owner on Monday, June 11th.

At the end of June for let’s prepare a thorough analysis of the whole test. Find out how the questions were most difficult and vice versa, where the number of correct answers was great.

Politicians do not pour knowledge into men

When the test started, we promised to turn to politicians with a few selected questions and compare their knowledge with the results. In the end, however, we often met with disinterest and rejection.

Of the ten addressed politicians who have something to do with finance, only two were willing to answer, namely the new Minister of Finance for SSD Jan Mldek and MP Michal Doktor. The Minister of Transport Pavel Dobe told the press that he would argue, but we did not have time to agree on a deadline. Apart from the test room, Zdenk grew out of the test room, and Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek also refused to test himself. The others did not respond.

He gave dozens of words this time miles to professionals, ie people who work in finance. Although we assumed that we would be here again, we managed to “catch” only the statench. Former Minister of Finance, Analyst, Bank and Investment Manager. They apologized for not having time, even for them thematically “out of mass”. The others did not react again, although the test took about five minutes.

How they answered: we put in a lot of experts

Even though one hundred percent of the experts were 100% in the end, it is necessary to admit that politicians and experts had quite a lot of them.

Although they only answered five questions, they did not have access to the Internet, they could only consult with their head. In addition, we chose questions from some of them, that is, from those in which they made the most mistakes.

At first glance, whether deposits with pension funds are finally insured all answered right, But Michl inhaled, he wasn’t sure, but in the end he chose right not.

There was no question of any problems of which banks have the biggest profits. With the exception of Jan Mldek, who voted for the fees, everyone mentioned the first option, but the years of input. Pavel Sobek had the first remark to the answer that this salary was at domestic universal banks. Investin banks abroad have a different situation.

Tet otzka, how is the difference between pjkou and vrem u gave the expert to take vc. Rusnok immediately told her that dn, but then he thought about it and said that it would probably be something. “There is money,” Ale Michl replied, choosing the right one, that unlike the subject, the subject of the loan does not have to be just financial resources. chose the possibility that they provide banks and evils and loans to non-banking institutions.

The fourth question broke the weight of some of them, who have so far answered the sovereign right. Everybody’s got some here payment card, but how high they have a co-paymentwhen they lost it or someone stole it from them, they were not at all sure.

Rusnok and Michal Doktor thought that they did not have a co-participation, the others knew that he was somehow here, but they did not know the amount. Jan Mldek, Petr Zajc and Pavel Sobek cost 100 euros, the only first tip was Ale Michl. During the test, Michal Doktor admitted that he did not have, does not want to and does not want a payment card by bank transfer or cash, and he does not mind at all that the others consider him an exotic.

“Logic would command it that way, but let’s face it, it would be different,” was the most frequent reaction to the last question, which everyone called without hesitation mischievous. She was weaving kreditnch karet a ppadu, if and how do you pay the years when you pay the money in the current period and after us.

Those who own a credit card, pay in an uninterrupted period and others would follow common sense and logic. Jene doesn’t work here. First of all, that is, if you pay for years, the answer was finally the same, but the answer was the biggest.

The overall winner was Ale Michl, who was the only one who answered everything right.

According to the tested, they are not very financially literate

After the test, we continued to take one premium question: How are you doing with financial literacy?

It was rated as below average by Michal Doktor. ”We come from our own experience. For example, in the Parliament, only eight deputies signed up to know the meaning of the APR, “says the sad deputy.” I think they are not so bad about it. Compared to other European countries, we always have far less interconnectedness, ”counters Jan Mldek, adding that he sees a problem in the fact that there are still quite a few people who are able to fly predators and let themselves be cut off like jackdaws.

Ji Rusnok and Pavel Sobek are optimistic. “We are just like anywhere else in the world and the situation is still improving. Get started with the bike, and it is an ongoing process that will never stop, said the Minister of Finance and added: “With the old ones, including five, it will be a mountain. For you, testing is similar. ” According to Pavel Sobek, we were on it ten years ago. “And I hope, uh, it won’t be in ten years. Similar polls and interest on the issue in general, I can improve significantly, “to the bank.

Catastrophic in the situation of the investment manager. I don’t think it’s an ordinary person’s fault. A lot of financial concepts are too complicated. ” curiosity: “it is said that they are conservative because they are financially illiterate. And this is not true. Such Rakuans are financially educated and at the same time they are far more conservative as investors to go. ”

“People should be more interested, but it is true that the terms in the contracts are often written in a tiny dog ​​and, moreover, completely incomprehensible. And we simply cannot explain it to people,” admits Ale Michl. According to him, financial literacy should be part of the school education and the compulsory triathlon of mathematics, finance and first literacy would be added to the school-leaving examination.

“And so it would take some financial Pohlreich and a good idea, where such a” scythe “would go around households and banks and in a free way used people to know and not get filled,” adds Ale Michl.

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