Report the car hail with hail immediately, work as a liquidator

The people are eliminating the consequences of strong storms and burning days. Apart from the flooded house, cars are most often damaged. The owner will start to contact you for the payment of the code. According to Vlav Hnig from the Czech Business Association, it is necessary to report the event as soon as possible.

To do this, you must know the insurance contract or the number of the vehicle and arrange an inspection of the car with the contractual partners of the insurance company, which are contractual services, technicians, etc.

“With the repair, the vehicle is installed and inspected. Of course, unless it’s a total code, when the price of the repair is not the general price of the vehicle, “Hnig explained.

For example, you have a car with the year of manufacture 1995, you have an agreed accident insurance with a co-payment of 5 thousand crowns and the estimated value of the car is around 30 thousand. When the liquidator finds out that the code is complete, ie that the vehicle will not be repaired, the contact paid by the insurance company will be deducted from the so-called usual price of the vehicle.

“Usable leftovers will be deducted from this for the inspection of the damaged vehicle and your co-payments,” the liquidator calculated the amount that you will eventually receive from the insurance company.

According to Hnig, there has been a long life in recent years. Prove it specifically in practice. “In 2008 we had 950 codes worth 62 million crowns, this year it has 1974 codes for 152 million crowns,” he said. While in 2009 esila esk podnikatelská pojiovna only 29 codes caused by the snow, in 2010 there were 1003.

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