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I tried out what it looks like to work with the most assisted services in the Czech Republic. After eight hours I left a full impression, the work is really nron.

When you pay for travel insurance, you will receive a small card from the insurance company, which contains the contract and the telephone number. This is a contact to the assistance service, where they will give you advice and help in case you get into trouble abroad.

To see for myself that this is the case, I have arranged a visit to the Europ Assistance call center, a travel assistance agent in the Czech Republic.

Bird, nine o’clock in the morning

The head of Jana Dobrkovsk welcomed me and after basic information we go to the square. Classic open space reminds me of our editorial staff. The bag surprises me with peace and quiet. Nobody runs here, they don’t bake, even if they all call, or at least the phone rings. He didn’t stop to the keyboard.

Because I am interested in travel insurance, seven go to the medical section to the operator Jan Imkov. I get headphones so I can hear the caller on the other side and have a full view. Before that, I signed a document stating that it would not reveal data about clients anywhere. I can’t look around, sod phone. During the first quarter of my stay, Jana made a call.


Advise, get tickets, transfer from the hospital to the fly, or ambulance house. But even irreplaceable documents, know what the insurance contains, whether the hospital is also private, how to behave with a private doctor, whatever you are interested in – that’s just a little of what the opertoi can handle.

In addition, they are familiar with basic medical knowledge and, of course, communicate in English and at least use one other foreign language. And so must be diplomats. You at a time when an Egyptian person is paying an unjustified fee just for entering the surgery.

You don’t get on a plane

And here is “my” first case. The client got Netovice to an island in Greece, where he and his family are on vacation. Lkaka told him that he would not be able to drill in the filled thermal house. Jana Ppad consults with the patient Jana Jeková, to ask the client and his child, and if they were in Netovice and if they could possibly go home with their wife. Children and wife at the disease proly, but gave the problem occurred vzpt. Only dad registered in the passport.

What about you? Until Monday, when the patient goes for a check-up, but before that, it is necessary to ensure at the consultation whether they are able to issue a temporary document for the daughter so that she can fidget with her mother and brother. Or whether it will be necessary to extend the stay on the island by your team.

Prce and pro detective

I didn’t even realize I had been here for so many years. Suddenly it is noon, with thanks I refuse to be invited to a circle even in my room, and I like to be seven in the middle of the day. The biggest morning npor calmed down, the phone rang me. In the editorial office, I dream of looking for my own and not paying attention to my colleagues’ phones. I don’t like it here. One ear at Jana’s, the other one can listen to the surroundings. “A twisted ankle in Turkey? Can you fly? No ambulance, order a taxi, it’s fast, “I hear behind me. Jana’s colleague called the client to France, asking how he was doing and reassuring him that she had talked to the doctor and would let him go home during the week.

And I can hear a similar holiday here later. around the operator not only immediate help, but also gave a follow-up to the case. “Those people are often there alone, in a strange environment, sick and when they do not know the language, we are the only ones who are reassured that he is old and will end up in time,” explains Jana Imkov. He asked whether travel insurance also applies to the nose. The operator grinds into the conditions and finds out that she does.

I’m so curious if we can finish the detective work with the lost client in Egypt. He was released from the hospital, the next day he should return home, he is not registered in a hotel under his name and we do not know if your doctor confiscated his passport. “This is what happens, especially the Egyptians are specialists in it,” said Jana Imkov. Well, if only he didn’t have a passport, he should call sm, right? I will speak my opinion out loud. “But we have to try everything that I never have credit for you and we can’t call,” oppose me opertoi unanimously.

So let’s look for dl. This means finding a delegate travel agent who could help with the contact. Bohuel vyeen se u nedm, my shift end, but opertorm it will definitely work.

It’s a minute after ten o’clock in the afternoon

Go write down a summary, not submitted cases to pass on to colleagues, Jana has been here since early morning and my house.

Call 267 on the svt board. “There are about hundreds of them in the list, we had the most about six hundred a day. It’s quiet for days and weekends, but if no one called, it didn’t happen, “says Jana with me.

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