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Relatives suspect crime of Alibasov’s injuries: someone threw him down the stairs

Bari Alibasov was urgently hospitalized. As “MK” found out, the producer cannot eat and drink on his own, and the showman may have numerous fractures, since he is also unable to walk.

A few hours ago it became known that police officers opened the door of Bari Alibasov’s apartment and allegedly found the producer in a deranged state. PR director Vadim Gorzhankin Bari Karimovicha denied the information that the showman was drunk.

In a conversation with “MK” Vadim noted that the producer really has serious health problems, according to his assumption, the consequences of the poisoning “Mole” made themselves felt.

“Bari Karimovich was hospitalized,” Vadim began. – Yesterday he felt bad, he cannot swallow, as I understand it, these are the consequences of the Mole. He called an ambulance, he was given medicine, but he was told that he needed to see a doctor. This morning his condition worsened, he can neither eat nor drink! Bari Karimovich was alone in the apartment, called the ambulance again, which arrived, but his call did not work. And the apartment is large, and, moreover, it has two doors, doctors knocked, but to no avail. They called the police. “

– What happened then?

– They knocked on him, knocked on, managed to get through to him, the door was opened. Bari Karimovich was sober because he could not drink. But, the point is different, he has a strong weakness. A few days ago, he says, fell down the stairs. Bari Karimovich has a huge hematoma on his entire leg, possibly broken ribs, and he was taken to the hospital for an X-ray. A criminal trace is likely.

– Why?

“He can’t remember how it happened. He says he allegedly fell down the stairs, but from which one? When? And where? Bari Karimovich does not climb stairs at all, he uses the elevator at the entrance. You understand that he was in a psychiatric clinic, after which he periodically forgets, confuses a lot, on top of that, he is taking potent medications. The year turned out to be extremely difficult for Bari Karimovich, endless scandals, either with his ex-wife, or with the artists from Na-NA. I contacted my son, he provided security in the producer’s apartment, but I have suspicions that someone threw Bari Karimovich down the stairs, because he was severely injured.

– Bari Karimovich’s young assistant, where is she now?

– She is not in the apartment, she sometimes came to him, but lives separately.

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