Real estate tax: you pay thanks to a special compound

Even this year, in May, you can pay property tax through special tax vouchers free of charge. Where to fill it for her and how to fill it in right?

Since its introduction last year, regular taxpayers have made extensive use of these opportunities and filed more than 2.7 million new members. Through them, they paid a tax of 5.1 billion crowns.

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The tax can also be paid by non-cash transfer from your place, including a type A voucher and deposit cash directly at the cash desk. The new tax voucher appears to be the most appropriate form of tax payment and is exempt from all fees.

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Some taxpayers also use information from the tax slip to pay the tax in non-cash form (by order to the castle at the bank or via internet and telephone banking). It is the case that the fee from the voucher again gives the data determining the number of bank connections in the NB to the prefix of the bank here, which indicates the type of tax, the number of the financial order and the bank code.

You can pick up the elephant at any branch of the Czech Republic or at the financial office.

How to fill in the tax file HERE HERE

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The tax electorate was presented by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Czech Republic in the context of an improved condition for the voluntary payment of taxes. This does not mean that the taxes are voluntary from this year, only the taxpayer facilitates the fulfillment of tax obligations by reducing the fee to zero and the distribution of cash registers with an area of ​​3,401 branches of the Czech Republic with part opening hours.

Of course, there are also changes in the number of financial statements, for which the number of payments to tax entities through the Czech Republic means less work with cash pensions at the box office. At the same time, there was a reduction in queues for fees at the cash registers.

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The current tax can be levied on the payment of personal income tax, real estate tax, real estate tax, VAT tax, vertical activity tax, real estate transfer tax, donor tax and customs tax and import tax.

In particular, the number of members is primarily for real estate tax. Among the fees of this tax are strongly held by natural persons who prefer the possibility of castles with a voucher, or at the treasury of financial offices. This fact is also confirmed by the Ministry of Finance. 2.2 million special vouchers were the basis for paying property taxes.

For the year 2007, it will take the form of a voucher as in 2006. In connection with the development of technology, the Ministry is preparing the introduction whenever, as a result, errors occur in the rewriting of data entered during data processing.

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