QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: What changes gender equality in insurance

And so far it has been differently connected for men and women nec. The European Court of Justice has banned insurance companies from spilling clients by gender. I know you have the same.

Judicial decisions are declared nonsensical. Actuarial mathematicians argue that from mortality, health and transport statistics differences between the sexes clearly follow. For example, he has a tick in the probability that the earth will fall at once.

According to pojioven, it is up to the animals to go soon. However, the court’s decision may have an impact on the entire insurance sector. “A number of questions are still open, for example, whether to decide only on new or even existing contracts,” said Tom Zavoral, a spokesman for the insurance company. As he added, this decision will not have a lasting impact.

How does this affect private pension or life insurance and what could change?
“Life insurance or pension funds would be created exclusively for men and women. I consider this completely nonsense, ”said Ivo Foltn, a consultant for the insurance and former pension fund of the Czech insurance company Ivo Foltn.

In order not to discriminate against a single sex sex, insurance companies with a non-EU company could be set up behind this element, from which the citizen would buy insurance.

How can I have an impact on my insurance and how can I make a difference?
“The court’s decision may concern some risks of life insurance, especially insurance in the event of death,” said Milan Ka from Kooperativa pojiovny.

The impact on life insurance assumed and given by the insurer. “Mui and women have a different length of doit and thus suffer from other types of diseases, so their breeding risks are different. This is not about discrimination, but about actuarial mathematics, ”remarks Vclav Blek, speaking Allianz.

According to Blek, the difference in calculation is based on long-term statistics and time series, which are unambiguous and show a different degree of risk, not only for the sexes, but also with regard to age and health. “We work with independent information of the Czech statistical series and the state of health information and statistics, from which it is especially clear that these statistical series are different from him and her.”

In life insurance, we will also look at some life habits, such as smoking, age, type of employment and risk sports, which are the factors according to which we determine the premium, ”adds Milan Ka.

Who would issue and who would sell pension insurance?
In the case of retirement insurance, experts would tell me that they would pay women and sell them. “The decision should have an impact especially on pension insurance, where the pension is determined by the average age,” confirms Filip Krl, director of the insurance group from Kooperativa.

Today, the insurance company pays for otherwise the same circumstance changes the private pension not mum, but for a long time. In retirement, they are spent an average of six years according to them, because they generally follow.

In order for the insurance companies not to delay, they will have to rewind their insurance tables and pay their money a little. “If the medium length had to be pointed out meaninglessly, it would definitely hurt. They have been proven for a short time, ”said Ivo Foltn, advisor to the Minister of Labor for pension reform and former head of the Pension Fund of the Czech Insurance Company.

With a pension savings of CZK 1,000 a month for a period of 35 years (and the fulfillment of other conditions), he has so far received CZK 4,342 crowns, ie CZK 300 more than that. Newly, both would receive the same, an estimate of about 4,145 crowns msn.

How does this have an impact on ideas, ie on compulsory liability and accident insurance?
According to statistics, a crash is less common, and if it is changed during an accident, only those percent have fatal consequences. In the case of compulsory liability, women could be offended by the court’s verdict.

Pojiovny mn, e idi se rozhodnut netk. “Allianz Insurance Company does not work for emergency insurance and compulsory liability with a division into men and women,” said Vclav Blek. The Czech Insurance Company, Generali and Kooperativa proceed in a similar way. “The importance of the client’s maturity is much more important, which is given by his age and the city where he drives most often,” says Tom Zavoral from esk pojiovny.

However, the gender of the idea is one of the 12 criteria that Direct Pojiovna, for example, made in the Czech Republic. “The possible deletion of this criterion will not have a significant effect on the price of insurance,” concludes the speaking company Mikul Duda.

Is the court’s verdict differentiated by age?
No. However, analysts suggest that the verdict opens the way to the destruction of age discrimination in the insurance industry. “The threat of further litigation concerning the above age is high for this field. For the level of insurance, it is an important factor, not gender, “said Reuters agent Mark Winlow from KPMG. For example, twenty years of pay a salary on insurance policies, sometimes even more than what counterfeiters.

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