Put a pension in an evil for a year, disputes will appreciate the most

Who gave a pension on a term deposit last year, won. It doesn’t have to mean anything in the future. Salary that missed income is not a guarantee of future profits.

What to do with a hundred 100 thousand crowns, which the hunter is free for one year? For comparison, take a look at how many different types of investments they have made in the past year.

Spoic and

You are not the time you have to sleep. When you choose a pension for a week, there will be no pen. The bank will change the conditions for me, for example, to reduce the written years. Profit subject to income tax (15 percent) will be taken down by the bank upon payment. Do not pay dn fees to the bank.

Pensions are insured. often the profit is determined in psm, in another year the bank sets 10 thousand crowns for the locks, in other years for the statisticians. At the same time, it is not always the rule that the proceeds are valued, for example, Komern banka has the opposite.

The average ron appreciated 2.1 percent

Pensions at home “in a straw”

Naspoen pensions do not take to the bottom of the bank, you have them at home in full time. You have them available at any time, you don’t have to go anywhere. The disadvantage is that pensions are not valued in any way, on the contrary, from their value to inflation. He gave the danger that someone would baptize me.

Insurance households will not fail before the loss, because it often applies to low deposits (only for cash around five thousand crowns). You have nothing in the bank, do not pay dn fees.

Average ron rated 0 percent
Inflation for the last year is 0.7 percent, the outlook for inflation for 2010 is 1.5 and 2.5 percent, in the long run 3 and 4 percent.

Bn et

You are not a good time to save, you can pay for your pension at any time. The bank will change the conditions for me, for example, to reduce the written years. There are accidents on spoons, the value of the pension is minimal.

Pay most fees for maintenance here and for movement on the nm, on average 80 crowns msn. Profit subject to income tax (15 percent) will be deducted by the bank when paying pensions. Pensions are insured.

The average ron appreciated 0.2 percent

Money market funds

You are not the time you have to save, if you choose the pension bag twice a year, pay 15% of the tax. Pensions are not as insecure as in banks.

Choose the position of the funds according to how long you want to invest and how you bear the risk. If you do not want to take a risk, choose a guaranteed fund, there is a small amount of returned pensions. Within a year, the penn market is recommended, bonds for two and three years, and only for a long period of five years it pays to invest in equity funds. The strategy can be freely changed.

The fund pays entrance fees, management fees and entrance fees. In is according to the type, a few tenths and three percent of the deposit.

The average ron evaluated tyi percent

Term deposit (bank / zloty)

You are a good time, during which time, pensions can be selected only in certain days. When you choose a pension two, pay the penalties. It’s a percentage of the selected amount, or you lose one year.

If you have an agreed fixed annual rate, the bank will not change the conditions. Some deposits are also with a floating rate. Profit subject to income tax (15 percent) will be taken down by the bank upon payment. Do not pay dn fees, pensions are insurance (even in the elephant). Term deposit is suitable for a long time, interesting years are bag and deposit for three or more years. You years not banks offer evils. Here, the minimum condition is a minimum deposit of 100 thousand crowns.

The average ron appreciated 1.6 percent, the elephants 3.3 percent

Investing in foreign currency

Buy a foreign currency and see how the course will be. If the crown strengthens in this way, dwell. If the koruna weakens, the exchange rate difference will be in profit. When you use the bank, the deposit is insured. You can get your own time, it is usually possible to have another currency on it.

Analysts expect that during 2010 the koruna will strengthen, so now the purchase of foreign currency “would not pay off”.

Average ron evaluated: cannot be generalized

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