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Do not go to the cadence, limit the smoke, do not look into the shopping center around. These are just some of the restrictions, with them should meet anyone who splc pjku. It is also important to know what to do when you start barking your head.

Those who have not developed an instinct for self-preservation and cannot cope during the completion of the loan, I can easily get into sweat. Kamil Kavka from the MBA Finance collection company asked about these long-term questions.

When I heard enough about the loan, the bank told me that I was registered in the long-term register. I’m not aware of the day of the attack. How to find out everything and how to arm yourself?

Since the long registry is more, it is necessary to find out in which of them you are kept. Then file this register with an entry to find out what the volume is about and who registered it. There is a salary for the entry, but it is better to invest a low amount now not to leave any debt and then pay high payments to the executor. According to the information received, enter into negotiations with the company that had it entered in the register. You will pay the debt as soon as possible. The record in the register is usually several years, for example in the most famous Solus register it is those years (do not hide the debts, but here).

Splcm three loans and a small load is so high for me that I would need to dream. How to do it?

In such a case, it is appropriate to order the consolidation or merging of these loans into one with a new installment at one entity. For one lender, it’s an effort to dream of a hundred data only once. It is also possible to consolidate vry at various companies. The important thing is that you can eat them in the moment when the eclipse of the day is due, not when you are with the installments.

Consolidation is good to do with a reputable financial institution that can secure a direct repayment of the loan from the original creditors. When consolidating, it is possible to extend the period of fulfillment, sometimes it is possible to negotiate a suitable annual rate, which were not the original ones (you can return to consolidation here).

I have a few loans and I can’t pay them. I heard something about segregation. Could I pull it out? How are the conditions?

Separation, ie personal bankruptcy, I really consider the last, extreme option. The result of insolvency is uncertain and the impact on longevity is quite invited. Therefore, before this step, I would try, for example, to change it consolidation. In the ordinary case, the court will decide on the permission of the secession, but it is important to point out that not all debtors meet the set conditions.

There are two ways to separate. The first is the monetization of assets of substance, ie the sale of debtor’s property, which he acquired in the past. The coincidence is that the creditor is satisfied with the debtor’s assets, but not with the income, which means that the debtor’s income will remain later.

The second is full of the payment calendar. In this case, the debtor is obliged for a period of five years to pay the creditors of his income determined by the court. This gives the long-lived average an average around the subsistence level. The coincidence is that the creditor cannot affect long-term assets, such as real estate.

Even if the long-term debt is not paid for five years, the court will decide whether the long-term debt is exempt from the payer’s receivables. Seeming this step looks appropriate for debtors, if the creditor agrees to them and 70 percent repay the debt, but the price for it is very high (life in personal bankruptcy is here).

At the same time, I would like to warn against segregation companies that do segregation as their business for a fee. In practice, this works in such a way that the long term sends an agreed installment, which the company can distribute to all creditors. You only get very low installments and the separator company did not keep a percentage to themselves. Therefore, I recommend contacting a debt counseling center in your area, where experts give you free time and advice (where free advice, read here).

We are manels and we have you. Let’s get married. Can we first say that each of us will be responsible for the loan in the future?

The property as well as the bundles originated in the marriage are part of the common name of the marriage. It ends with marriage. Manel should sell each other. If they have joint loans, they can enter into an agreement on the common name of the joint manager, which must be in writing. They agree not only on the division of common assets, but also liabilities. Agree which of the spouses will pay the debts from which loan (about the spouses in debt here).

A son has grown up with them and we are afraid that he is in debt and that possible execution would affect property. We can overwhelm my son’s residence at the town hall. How to do it?

If the son first came to the inside of the property and does not know the property, the owner of such an object can propose a notice of cancellation of permanent residence. The place of permanent residence is then the message of the reporting office, in its territorial district the permanent residence was canceled. It is necessary to take into account that if the son will stay in the real estate, or if he will have everything there, the executor will carry out the execution despite the fact that the son took her there.

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