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Earning a pension and bowing to yourself is not the right thing to do. You both have to make yourself happy and the first time in your penny will be very big. But how at home ct, how much did it cost? who always knows it, or do you have your own tactics?

Our financial probe suggests that such tactics do exist and do not always work in such a way that the partners have a clear idea of ​​how expensive the tracks are buying their counterpart.

1. tacticsHlsm st prices

N edited colleague Marek goes for it from the forest. When he wants to make himself happy, choose tactics: To announce the whole price. It is enough to admit, especially when it is a pod plku. And then it works out for him. He only didn’t survive once. I bought a photo camera for the tracks, I dreamed about it for a long time. At home, I admitted that he cost half of what he actually did. When the sale of a photographer cost me as much as it cost, I wanted to be proud at home. And the price of the camera outside was laughing, he laughs.

2. tacticsChief guilty

In some households, the tactics work mainly guiltily. Mj partner hls track to the plane. He comes and, with a perfectly guilty voice, said in his voice, ‘I have suffered.’ Usually you buy some electronics for your computer, which I don’t even know for a long time. Even though it is sometimes a big marriage, if it makes me laugh. Well, don’t tell him when you needed to be happy! of Eva z Hradec Krlov.

3. tacticsFifty fifty

Kateina from Tbora has a different tactic, with an oversight she could be called fifty fifty. When I want to make myself happy and buy something for myself, I always buy a drink for my mue. I write a little something to make me happy that I thought of it. It always makes him sweat and never ask how much I spent on my drake. But if he ever married

4. tacticsTuplovan joy

My colleague Zuzana doesn’t buy much, but when she wants to make herself happy, choose the tactic: Tuplovan joy. He can look for suitable internet offers and he always goes for sure. When it is possible to save pensions and time, then you can double your joy. Don’t hide the price, on the contrary. And at home the slip recognized. Recently, she shared such super character days for only 250 crowns. It just doesn’t work with the husband, you can’t buy a quality men’s suit for a crown.

5. tacticsI saved today

Unlike my editorial staff, I buy lovers, especially at discounts. I like to browse my favorite stores, I watch the prices, and when they reach a very low limit, I can’t resist and start enjoying myself. Then I use tactics at home: Today I saved x crowns! By that time, I put the exact song I cut that day. Sometimes it’s hundreds, sometimes it’s thousands. It just last week was 2,100 crowns. Well, don’t buy it when it’s a good price!

And how at home are you, how much did you spend for your own sweat? Do you own an original tactic? Share your opinion and experience of how you can help justify your financial expenses at home.

Which of the five tactics mentioned is closest to me?

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Hlsm st prices


I saved today


Chief guilty


Tuplovan joy


Fifty fifty


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