Psychologist: Create your own crisis full with a cool head

Crisis, crisis, crisis – analysts stand out in ernch scnch. Everything will be expensive, the economy will fall apart, the debt trap will fall put the earth. This increases our influence and the mood leads to mistakes in decision-making.

Imagine that you are a manager and owner of a company that is currently acting, but all around vs hard that h will be h. Will you invest? Will you recruit people? Will you take it for business development? Probably not.

On the contrary, you will create polt finances for future peit, or h – make a profit as long as there is no way. You will propoutt and optimize costs.

And when do you start a company that you can’t? Do you have to give it up right away, because there is no hope that it will improve?

The influence of emotions on decision-making

The brain is the most powerful tool of hunting. There are 100 billion neurons in it, and each of them has about a thousand connected to other neurons. This most well-known system can invent opera and satellites, but it is also sensitive to emotions.

If you are sad or afraid, you decide differently, not when you are in a good mood. The information is in the phenomenon of mountains, not in reality, and your decisions are either bent carefully or, on the contrary, desperate. From the point of view of psychology, it is necessary to make a company decision under the influence of “bad mood”. Here’s a little inspiration on how to arm it.

Keep an overview

Musme etit! We have to cut the costs! And whatever it costs! Also, will you ever wonder what will happen and let each other go? Disputes are the first thing a manager thinks of when he can’t.

If you don’t want to stuff all the codes in a useful way, ask yourself how they will affect the company as a whole. Take a look at the business from above and ask what you can limit and replace, without damaging what you earn. Ask how to make the moles catch.

Follow the decision

Today, the market is quite a throw password: hope for the best and deal with the worst. If you do not want to make decisions under pressure, make them ahead. For example, if we get to 90 percent of the orders in the hole, it is in the horseshoe that it will be me, these measures will come in hand…

Just create scenes for the mountain variants in advance and hope that you do not use them. When you grind it forward, stick it with a cool head and don’t panic.

Turn the soap

However, the “internal setting” is the most important. The manager Michael M. Kaiser offers an interesting example. He became famous for the preservation of the British Krlovsk Opera House in Covent Garden and several other pieces of management. He continues his work, for example in 2009 he founded an art initiative in the USA during the crisis. It inspires your surroundings to fundamentally change your attitude. From defense to flow, from passivity to activities.

Do you think anyone has fun working in companies where everyone manaei tv like a funeral? Do you think that the people who are afraid who will give you will be the warriors you need?

The most reasonable is to honor them: It will not be easy, but we will make it easier. Here is n full. You want to succeed even in these conditions. And if you imprison someone, emphasize that it is not their fault that the goal is to hit the company. Leave room – if the situation turns, the people will return to vm, because you dealt with them frov.

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