Property insurance has not risen, so offer better terms

Packages and the comfort of the offered services, it is at the same time a connected real estate and a household. Assistance services are an integral part of fuses. Offer the cheapest insurance Direct, pay me also at Slavia and SOB Pojiovny. However, the insurance hazard in the basic fuse differs.

Pojiovny offer in the field of property insurance and services not a year or two ago. For example, they are connected to an accidentally broken glass or to a garden device, for which you have had to pay extra, they are now in a storage package. The house and apartment insurance policies have not risen in the last two years.

If you have a contract that is several years old, do not sweat the bag, as the changes for the better will affect the fuse backwards. Each contract is always subject to the conditions under which it was negotiated. If you want to use irch services, you should update your insurance.

Prokopnut two on pojiovnu

Some new states include in the so-called base of the safety glass against accidental breakage. Two, when you actually broke the window and the glass cracked in the frost, you didn’t get anything.

Tip: For example, you can succeed with safety glass at SOB Pojiovny and at esk pojiovny, which for 250 crowns a year will pay for the code on the windows up to 30 thousand crowns.

There is also a garden in the insurance of the house

The insurance companies respond to the client’s request and still more often in the basic package of gardens also include gardens, various architectural elements, terraces and the like.

When wind or fire is damaged or a fence, you will receive a refund for new contracts, which was two, only when you insured them separately.

Tip: SOB Pojiovna insurance in the warehouse of garden architecture.

Wstenrot and Direct pojiovna also offer the same protection in stock. “The specialty is the connection of the garden, terrace and balcony, which clients get to the connection of the property as a bonus. It covers, for example, damaged vegetation, portable garden furniture, decorative items and a grill, ”says Tom Zavoral, Direct Director.

The Generali, which provides a perennial, trees, will keep, support, support, a path, a statue.

Zaplat i za graffiti

Insurance against vandalism offers a more bond in the basic package, now pay for example SOB Pojiovna codes, which can be used in the way. The condition of the castle codes the bag is that the police catch the destroyer.

Tip: Vandalism without the need to identify the perpetrators of insurance in the composition of Axa and Wstenrot pojiovna. Here you have to pay with a limit of 10 thousand crowns, not paying for this type of code.

Rozen assistance

Clients have become accustomed to calling one phone number and assisting back service as needed. “Assistance is what people do most when they take out insurance premiums,” says Dagmar Koutsk from esk pojiovny.

On one phone, for example, the client solves a problem with two slams, a broken window and call the plumber when the boiler explodes and you need to fix it quickly so that the heating does not freeze.

Tip: castles up to a limit of thousands of crowns offer in the prices of basic insurance households and real estate most of the insurance. Some services just organize a connection bag, pay for the material and for the work you will be alone. Ask about it in advance on the helpline so that you are not unpleasantly surprised.

Complete information on the danger of floods

No dm can be insured. In addition to excavated ruins with cracks in the walls, without windows and with a large draft, the connection will also refrain from insuring houses by watercourses. Map floods are now available, according to which insurance companies assess risk.

Tip: There is a new free access to the same flood maps on the Czech Association of Connectors website, which they use to determine the degree of danger of the insurance company.

At, left-click on the Insurance Guide, then Insurance Products, Property Insurance and Flood Maps. Fill in the municipality there, you will find the exact address according to the instructions and fill in your e-mail. The color flood map in pdf format will arrive in no time.

The areas are divided into those risky marks.

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