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They are the largest domestic manufacturer of safe goods for households with a annual turnover of 100 million crowns. Pesto is not a bottom stock or a big eserko. STYL is a production company with six members and six employees. According to the chairman of the board, Stanislav Husnek, do not consider the change.

STYLE, a crumb for chemical production, is one of the traditional Czech manufacturing companies. And literally. The company was founded in 1950 as a small piece of manufacturers of buttons. They started chemical production here 12 years later.

In 1968, as the first in what was then Czechoslovakia, in cooperation with VCHT Prague, Larrin was developed in its own toilet development laboratory. Subsequently, the production expanded to give products of home chemistry and thus cosmetics.

The company was also in full swing in 1989. And what’s more, it constantly expanded its activities. Today, ie after 70 years of its operation, STYL has a strong position on the Czech market, but thus on the Slovak market. Significant production is also intended for further developed European markets and exports to countries. Your production plant in Neratovice.

When a manufacturing company is established, most people develop a limited liability company or a joint stock company. The offspring will probably attack the salamander. Why did you transform yourself into custody again in 1992 under the new custody law?
This is still a distorted view from the recent past and many people feel that the crumb was a specialty of the past regime. But the heavy business is very strong in the world and in (western) Europe, and the companies have a long tradition with us. The first commune in the world was established in England in 1844, and in our country in 1847. As for STYLE, in the nineties there was no reason to change the first form of business, on the contrary, the new concordance was able to apply and use it.

The environment has undoubtedly changed for 1989. How did you manage to adapt?
Production in our country has been and is associated in the Union of Czech and Moravian Production Sites and through it belongs to a wide family in Europe and in the world. For the first time in the nineties, we had the opportunity, through this Union, to become acquainted with the work of similar crumbs, for example in Spain, or in the collection of crumbs in Great Britain.

Have you never considered changing to another type of company later?
In the Czech Republic, the blacksmiths asked that it was not socialist enough. And again, after the 1990s, some people felt that it was not capitalist enough and that the effort of the country was forbidden. It was the worst ever in 1992, when the liquidated effort in Parliament did not pass. If vm, it was only one vote. At that time, we considered changing the first form, but only for this reason.

V em vidte vhody drustevnho uspodn?
After the first page, there are not big differences between the limited liability company and the wire. If you want to do things autocratically, you have probably started a company with limited restrictions. Where there is a tendency to communicate and compassionate with people, then let’s say vc throw crap.

Are there any disadvantages?
Maybe it’s just that I have to have a hard time with a big sweat only.

U vs is how?
When the condition for each employee to be a member of the cooperative was abolished in 1992, many employees were concerned about the future of the cooperative and terminated the community, even though they worked in the cooperative as employees. At present, we have only 6 members (thus basically the owner, note. red.).

Who owns the production of d?
The statutory body of the company is the Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership meeting for a maximum period of 5 years. The head of the board of directors is the chairman of the board, which is elected either by the membership meeting or by the board, and thus the economic activity of the board. He has only one vote in the Board of Directors.

Can the working species affect such members?
Of course, especially through the membership meeting, which has the power to discuss and approve all the fundamental issues of the company’s activities, full of its activities and development, first to approve the results of the company and the distribution of profits. But it is common for members of the company to informally advise and consult on the issues of the daily operation of the company.

What volume of production does the STYL crumb reach?
N ron turnover and sales volume is around 100 million crowns. Piblin half of this volume is intended for export, fixed to Germany. Our partners abroad are mainly large business chains, such as Rossmann, Mller, Billa.

It is not enough for the members of the small species to do so. How do you ensure production?
The company currently has around six employees who are not members of the company.

What is the difference between an employee who is a member of the country and an employee who is not a member?
An employee who is not a member of the company does not have the opportunity to vote at the membership meeting and has not submitted to the distribution of profits. He has a regular employment contract with the company, his relationship to the company is due to the end of the work and is also equal to the statutes of the company, if it does not contradict the end of the work. Get your agreed salary for your work.

What does STYLE make today?
The main production field is cleaning products for home and professional toilet hygiene. The products of this group have been manufactured by the company according to less than 40 years and it is their largest and most important manufacturer in the Czech Republic and they are also the most important and best competitive export item. We produce them under our own trademarks Larrin, Prix and Deskalen, and according to the private signs of retail chains.
Recently, we have renewed and supplemented a number of cosmetics and the well-known hair and shin gels Color gel and nail polish removers Sando and Vitali. but it does not dry them out excessively even during asthma.

Are you looking for safe products based on nanotechnology? When did this case come about?
We produce cleaning agents to remove uncertainties deposited on different types of surfaces. With the gradual development of nanotechnologies in our country, it has been shown that the use of some nanomaterials in cleaning agents could prevent or reduce the deposition of uncertainties on various surfaces and thus facilitate their abrasion. That is why we have expanded our range of cleaning products Larrin with Nano clean toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and glasses and mirrors.

In addition, in recent years, you have also been focusing on ecological lines. Is the future of cleaning products more in ecological or nano-media?
The future of cleaning products is not a choice between organic or nano products. Even for chemistry salary, I can be a good servant, but bad pn. The whole life is connected with chemistry, and sales around us are in addition to biological and chemical processes. The point is to use them for our useful purposes. Therefore, we prefer to use in our products preferentially and long-term such raw materials, which are degradable in time and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you need any certificates?
It depends. A number of manufacturers emphasize that their products are ecologically certified by various institutions and use similarly certified raw materials. These certifications are very expensive and practically inaccessible to a small business such as our company and greatly increase the price of the product for consumers. Our new product Larrin Green Wave is therefore made from raw materials that are available for sale and sold at a reasonable price. I mention official certificates but no. But we really stand for quality even without them.

The product range is therefore very wide. This means, among other things, that the pulp is the property of a series of recipes. How is their protection ensured?
Recipes of common cleaning products can only be difficult to protect in the first way. However, in addition to the recipe, you also need a certain amount of experience to make them, because even the same chemical raw materials from different suppliers always have a bit of different properties and to produce a quality product from them requires this experience.

How fast can you implement a new product into production?
Bad for the type of product and especially for the time needed to test both its activities and stability in the selected packaging. Usually this time ranges from t to six msc.

You have changed that in addition to your own brands, you produce private labels for the largest international retailers. How tk is to get such a job?
In addition to the lowest possible prices, the chain requires in particular the long-term reliability of the supplier and the quality of its products and internationally recognized certification. In this regard, we have the advantage that we started supplying etzcm u ns immediately after their entry into the then Czechoslovak market and gained the reputation of a reliable supplier. We are a major driver of the renewed BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products Issue 4, Personal Care & Household, Higher Level certification.

Dear at the lowest possible price. Does this approach fame, or is the interest in quality growing?
For two, it was clearly an expensive price. Recently, however, the interest will gradually decrease by only a low price and we will return to the evaluation of product quality. Of course we do. I just hope that the current pandemic does not change much.

Develop foreign markets, how are they vs vs dleit?
We export about half of the production, mainly to Germany. Our biggest customer is the German drugstore chain Rossmann, but they also include a number of other German companies. Supplies for foreigners are a very good measure of competitiveness for us.

In almost three months, Czech companies and households will face the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t tell me not to ask. How does the current situation translate into your business?
The hardest thing is that development was practically impossible. At present, we are observing a large drop in sales of white goods, because life around us has been severely limited and we also take into account the impact of the closed hotel and restaurant, because we will also supply our products. But we have to be positive about it.

Mete bt konkrtnj?
I changed it that we quickly launched sanitan hand gel. Let’s tell him the future. Its production was not subject to a special emergency permit, it will also be produced below. Its size of 100 and 300 milliliters is a throw for everyday noen in a handbag or in a car. In addition, we also prepare products of this kind. We simply took the current situation as a challenge.

How do you see the future of STYLE?
As long as STYL maintains its good position among the manufacturers of cleaning products and especially toilet hygiene, it will continue to be considered a reliable supplier and that consumers will continue to be satisfied with our products.

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