Prices are falling. Who changed rates?

Compared to other options, a single payment order via the Internet is by far the cheapest, especially in comparison with paper orders entered either through a collection box, or directly at the bank’s request. Fees for the use of branch services are at least twice as high. The difference in the bag can be even more than tenfold.

Some banks divide fees not only for electronically entered and paper orders. Differentiate prices in the framework of electronically submitted payments, in terms of the means of communication used. Especially when comparing a pair of telephone versus internet banking, there is probably sometimes a known difference – a one-time order given by a telephone bank is of course expensive.

Pes internet uette not only for one-time payments

In general, the prices of payment orders placed via the internet banking range between 2 and 8 crowns. Some banks then pay for sending an order for two hundred – an item for a payment order and an item for clearing NB (which is 2 crowns), if you send the payment to another domestic bank. Pauly for the use of internet banking most often and around 30 crowns. The only large bank that does not print paul (without further conditions) is Potovn spořitelna. In n, the bag is bought in the basic program by a paid operation, which is usually free elsewhere – for example, to find the balance (2 crowns). In the case of a program with something exchange, these operations are not charged.

Low prices and, in some cases, zero fees for servicing finances via the Internet also involve operations associated with the entry, cancellation and changes of standing orders or direct debits. Some banks approached this real price after a public criticism of their policy fees, so the internet banking user can charge around 30 crowns for one operation with a standing order and direct debit payment. The phenomenon is also quite interesting, when banks charge a fee for the execution of a standing order according to the route it was originally back (SOB, Volksbank).

What has changed in the past year

Since last year, quite a lot of items have changed in the prices that banks offer their clients in connection with the use of Internet banking. The financial situation, especially due to the large media coverage and under public pressure, began to disrupt or optimize its tariffs, not only in the field of electronic payments. The biggest step was the abolition of the fee for the walking item on et. This unpaid fee was canceled during this year by 3 banks Potovn spoitelna, eBanka and Raiffeisenbank. Clients will thus spend an average of five hundred crowns. In the case of eBanka, it is even CZK 7.90 per order for the Zklad program.

Since last test, eBanka’s prices have also changed, when from July 1 this year it increased the prices of its programs in combination with the management of pmho banking, not negligibly for the Plus program from 142 to 159 crowns and for the Deposit from 96 to 109 crowns. The fee for running the eLinka program has increased most significantly from the original 64 to 109 crowns. Therefore, if the eBanka client is not able to use the Free program, it will be very expensive to operate here. eBanka thus reduced the bag – it reduced the price of the voucher for the castle to 5.90 from 6.10 crowns by 20 halls and canceled it with a change, not a negligible fee for outgoing payments.

Similar adjustments to the tariff were made by Raiffeisenbank, which increased its service packages from 9 to 24 crowns from the autumn. Opt, the client will pay for the item to go and so for 2 withdrawals from the home ATM. According to our model deposits, other costs at Komern banka increased somewhat. On the contrary, it is a pleasant surprise that in half of the tested banks, the costs in the model deposits did not move since last year, in which case they even decreased slightly.

You should go to the table to say that we have always traveled with this package of services that was most suitable for our model clients. We have written it many times about the free programs mentioned in the note – at eBanka and Citibank their use of operations is cheaper, they are not intended for everyone, for their acquisition it is necessary to meet the bank’s conditions (see information in the note). We have included an asset account from Volksbank, which currently represents a single package conducted free of charge without further conditions on the Czech banking market (otherwise offered free of charge by Fio, a predominant member). which is somewhat small. The bank wants to build a “small branch” called VolksbankShops in all St Kaufland stores within three years. Prv VolksbankShopy pitom Aktivkonto prodvaj.

If we add to the comparison of internet banking to the banks of these banks Fio internetbanking, vicious crimes, in its case the net costs of potan in model deposits for active and small active client would be 46.70 K – this is a price consisting of the fee for entering the sweat (30 K, electronically free) plus guided electronic cards (200 K ron) scattered on msc. The rest of the operations that are calculated in the deposits are free.


Mlo active client – msn nklady

WSPK – Osobn and


Potovn spoitelna – Classic program


BAWAG Bank CZ – IQ account


SAT – Separate Plus Account


esk spoitelna – Input program


Oberbank – irokonto


HVB Bank – Pohoda account


Volksbank CZ – Fit account / asset account


Raiffeisenbank – Kompletkonto Start


ivnostensk banka – konto Economy


GE Money Bank Account Genius / bn et


Komern banka – Ideal account


eBanka – Free Deposit / Deposit program


Citibank – CitiOne and



Active client – msn costs

ivnostensk banka – Personal menu Standard


WSPK – Osobn and


Potovn spoitelna – program Plus


BAWAG Bank CZ – IQ account


Raiffeisenbank – Kompletkonto Start


Volksbank CZ – Fit account / asset account


SAT – Separate Plus Account


HVB Bank – Pohoda account


GE Money Bank Account Genius / bn et


Oberbank – irokonto


esk spoitelna


Komern banka – Ideal account


eBanka – the Plus / Plus free program


Citibank – CitiOne and


Note: *) salary for Aktivkonto, which can be paid so far only in two VolksbankShops located in Kaufland in Brno-idenice and Ostrava-Porub; **) pi prm. msnm balance over 40,000 K for the charging period; ***) in case of personal income here in vi min. 15,000 K, resp. 30,000 K for an active client; ****) in the balance from 100 thousand K on all technologies at Citibank; prices in korunch, in case of a different ronho card fee rounded
Source: vpoty


Mlo aktivn client:
run bnho here with the active service of internet banking
2 transfers to another domestic bank (entered by interentbanking)
2 incoming payments from another domestic bank
2 payments for the deposit of a standing order to another bank
1 SIPO payment
msn entry from here sent by sweat
payment card
5x ship control

Active client:
run bnho here with the active service of internet banking
10 transfers to another domestic bank (entered by interentbanking)
10 incoming payments from another domestic bank
5 payments for the deposit of a standing order to another bank
5 payments for the deposit of authorized collection to another bank
msn entry from here sent by sweat
payment card
10x ship control
The prices do not include internet fees connected by telecommunication companies.

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