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Wenceslas Klaus reached the age of retirement at the age of 61, ie on June 19, 2002. He was elected president on November 28, 2003.

“The President’s Office does not have any information about it, nor am I informed about it,” said President Radim Ochvat. Whether the president is in retirement or is about to retire after the end of his term, then only Vclav Klaus sm. But it is certain that he has the same number of years as any other Czech citizen.

“In the middle of the pension, the president of the republic is appointed in the same way as other insurers. The President of the Republic is considered to be his debtor’s salary. In addition, after leaving office, I am also entitled to an annuity, which will cost five thousand crowns a month, ”to Ta vrkov, a member of the press spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

In addition to the state pension and annuities, the president is also entitled to a full flat-rate compensation after the end of his term of office, in the amount of 50 thousand crowns per month. According to the wreckage, I can pay from this amount mainly to a moderately equipped office, which he will use after leaving office, and thus pay for his assistant.

Due to the disputes, the president’s salary was dreamed and taxed

The president’s salary passed during his two terms, ie since 2003 and 2011,. The highest income was 204,700 crowns in 2007 and 2009. Due to disputes, however, the cuts also affected the presidential debt in 2010, when his income fell to 196,500 crowns and began to pay income tax.

In the salary of the President of the Czech Republic in 2003 and 2010
Year 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Plat 167200 167200 181500 191900 204700 204700 204700 196500
source: MLSA

This year, too, the president’s salary fell to 186,300 crowns gross, and for the entire year, the head of state spent a total of 2,235,600 crowns gross. “The President of the Republic does not and is not even a sickness insurance person paying premiums for social security,” says Vrkov. If the president falls ill, he will not receive sick pay, but he will pay his salary.

from 8:30 am, often before full moon

If someone thinks that the President of the Republic takes a lot of money for his work, try to see his work schedule (look here). “It’s a very full-time job,” the castle said.

To the office at Prague Castle presidentpichzvtinou rno to pl devt. Its function is associated with the duty of the classical advisor, through various arrivals, namely, including working visits to us and abroad. A number of events from his program are currently in the open and often before full time.

“The President of the Republic lasts most of his time, including weekends, when he studies, works or takes part in various academic, sports, social and cultural events at home and abroad. He is a very active hunter, ”to Radim Ochvat.

Vclav Klaus also gave his pension to his national team, he gave a more accurate all-round payment, from which the castle pays for accommodation and catering expenses, including foreign and domestic trips, and gave the national team. “This year it is 173,300 crowns per month and this compensation is also subject to income tax,” concludes Ochvat.

How to determine the salary and paul on the representation of the president

  • According to the President, the salary is determined from the salaries of the base multiplied by a coefficient of 3.60.
  • Salaries of the Presidential Fund in 2011 and 2014 in 51,731 crowns msn. The salary of the president in 2011 therefore in 186,300 crowns (51,731 krt 3.60 = 186231.60, rounded = 186300 K).
  • According to the presidency, both the president and especially the full payroll will be associated with the performance of his duties, in the amount of 335 percent of the salary of the basic. Paul on the national team therefore this year in 173,300 crowns (51731 krt 3.35 = 173298.85, rounded to 173,300 crowns).

Source: MLSA

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