Prepaid credit cards come in Czech for five years

Both Visa and MasterCard want to offer prepaid credit cards for five years. This follows from the publication of card associations for TK. Anyone will be able to submit a prepaid payment card, regardless of whether they own a bank account. These cards are either disposable or can be recharged after use.

Even so, they will be able to buy payment cards with a certain amount of pensions, take out such a card instead of travelers or pay for public transport.

One of the prepaid card offers is being discussed with domestic banks, said Jana Lvov, Visa Europe’s manager for R. According to them, Visa could offer the first prepaid card in the first year. In the Czech Republic, Lviv has so far had the greatest potential to use these cards with young people who do not have their own bank accounts. According to the prepaid cards, it would be possible to replace the current meal vouchers for employees or to pay for public transport. In the long run, Visa fulfills the offer of cards and the main first as a means of filling social doors.

Competitive MasterCard cards are also prepaid. During the first half of 2007, we will issue the first prepayment of a MasterCard card in the Czech Republic, said MasterCard Europe CEO for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland Jn arn.

The first to examine the laws So far, according to Lviv, there are no first reasons for not issuing prepaid cards in the Czech Republic. Now the first analysis, which could possibly reveal a limited restriction, is underway. In France, for example, it is not possible to issue a payment card without a name. And the first prepaid card does not contain the name of the holder.

Prepaid payment cards function as regular cards, transactions must comply with the rules of card associations. The cards can be equipped with a magnetic stripe or a ip. They can also be set so that they can only pay for certain commodities. For example, in the USA, a prepaid card can be bought in a bnm store just like a mobile credit.

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