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ATMs celebrated their 40th birthday, and since 1967, 1.5 million of them have grown in the world. Their number increases with the reverse speed every five minutes, a new one is installed.

ATMs became the first potting device and at the same time a distribution channel served by the general public. Their development was one of the largest investments that banks have made in information technology in recent decades.

The father of the ATM is considered to be Scot John Shepherd-Barron, who was bothered by the limited opening hours of the banks. In 1965, he joined Barclays Bank with his case. The first vending machine saw the light of day two years later on June 27, 1967 under the name BarclaysCash in a bank branch in London’s Einfield district.

The first pension machine could be used only by selected clients of the bank, who received a special turf. After entering the PIN code and inserting the dot, the device issued them a single banknote worth ten pounds. If clients wanted to choose in a row, they had to handcuff more.

The first then to go off-line ATM (without connection to the bank) in the Czech Republic was installed in January 1989 at the branch of esk spoitelny in Vclavské nmst. But he only served the employees of the savings bank. The first online launch was launched by Komern banka and three years later in Norway.

At present, more than 3,100 ATMs can be used to withdraw cash. The most extensive s, which is 1093 zazen, is operated by esk spoitelna. Komern banka offers its services in 650 ATMs, SOB in 600 cities and GE Money Bank in almost 500 machines.

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They also quickly got used to ATMs. Last year, only esk spoitelny ATMs received more than 256 billion crowns last year.

ATMs usually offer it not only cash withdrawals, but also recharged mobile phones, the ability to find out the balance, pay the bill or provide information on how much you can borrow from the bank.

You can also deposit and deposit cash into ATMs at ivnostensk bank branches. The deposit in favor of the one kept in B can be made in the form of banknotes, while coins can be inserted. The number of deposits is not the number of deposits, but the service is widely used by entrepreneurs to pay the need, according to the bank Petra Kopeck.

Now, according to experts, ATMs are preparing to move to multifunctional devices connected to the Internet, which will be able to replace many longer functions of the bank branch.

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