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“Posner was left alone, like a poplar on Plyushchikha”

He was left all alone – like a poplar on Plyushchikha. Like a man from an ancient parable who asked for the happiness of immortality. “Well, you will be immortal, but your closest people will leave, and you will live, live, live … Is this happiness?” He is “the oldest lady present here” – Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner.

The last Hero

Lonely Posner

He started on Soviet TV, early perestroika, having come from Inovation, and conquered everyone. Such an accent, such movement around the studio, such a Donahue! No one remembers who he started with anymore. But then, after the collapse of the USSR, Posner was, Posner is, Posner will eat. Shooting in America is a separate song, we will not talk about them. We are about the Motherland, son. Here are those who worked on TV with Pozner in the 90s and 2000s, and who are no longer there and will never be: Leonid Parfenov, Svetlana Sorokina, Vladimir Molchanov, Evgeny Kiselev, Alexander Nevzorov, Vladislav Listyev, Alexander Lyubimov, Alexander Politkovsky, Dmitry Zakharov, Tamara Maksimova, Sergey Bodrov, Marianna Maksimovskaya, Olga Romanova, Lev Novozhenov, Andrei Loshak, Katerina Gordeeva, Boris Berman, Ildar Zhandarev, Roman Super … Bodrov, bright memory. The rest are well.

Over the past 20 years, television has consistently kicked out iconic people, bright, thinking, non-standard. People of action, talented, very talented. The current gray, faceless, brainless TV turned out to be unnecessary, that is, absolutely. And only our Vladimir Vladimirovich … One is like a finger.

This is not a reproach, this is gratitude. He alone is the keeper of traditions, like that wise owl from “What? Where? When?”. He alone, aksakal, a long-liver, leaves television a chance for salvation, for a meaning that only he has left, like that famous fairy-tale character with a face and a needle.

How did Posner come to this life? He skillfully passed between the streams, between two fires. Wise, repentant, plucked, but undefeated. Nearby, on the same minefield, his more careless desperate comrades-in-arms were “shot” one at a time, and he moved on and no bullet took him. Posner is still more alive than all living things.

In the program “Big Difference”, which is no longer on his First One, this parody came out on Posner: he talks with a guest in the studio with his unique New York accent, suddenly the interlocutor, getting hot, feeling the presenter’s trust, begins to say something sharp , on the spite of the day and Vladimir Vladimirovich right there: “Blah blah blah! Blah blah blah!” They all about Posner and about themselves understand and can laugh at themselves. Well done! And Posner understands everything about himself.

He was left all alone, no one was around. Late Monday night only from him on TV and you can hear the reasonable, kind, eternal. The whole channel “Culture” does not count, because only 1% of the sane population watches it. Oh, this population!

Television has long been following the viewer’s lead, or so it says, makes excuses, moistens the crusts, the babbling of the hunchback. At the same time, smart, well-read, sophisticated TV people in their hearts despise the fool-like public, for the sake of which they have to lower and lower the bar. His Majesty the people, the electorate, the cattle deign to have fun, and we only satisfy his lowered needs. We are people’s television, flesh of flesh, otherwise we will burn out. Already burned out.

Over the past 20 years, TV viewing ratings have fallen by half. Television is afraid of itself, of the soul of its beautiful impulses, and non-stop falls down. True stars, talents are not needed, only “sex” for the poor and propaganda is what remains of television. Once wonderful journalists Vladimir Soloviev and Dmitry Kiselev had to change their shoes on the fly, swear allegiance to the authorities and the new TV and only stay afloat. What happened to the others? They drowned.

And only Vladimir Pozner, alone, completely alone. It can already be listed in the Red Book as a rare remaining surviving copy of a television mammoth. Or put it in the Cabinet of Curiosities and show it for money: “Look, children, there is a unique TV presenter here, there are no such people in nature anymore, everyone has died out. He is the last hero. “

“Sobchak case” named after Vladimir Putin

Or maybe Ksenia was introduced to the First, so that she showed this film? God be with him, with this “doc-tok”, with the Khachaturian sisters, with these princesses. The Sobchak Case is a stronger piece than Goethe’s Faust.


There was no discussion, no “Urgant” later, only “The Sobchak Case”. Two hours of clean time, outside the rules, schedules and television laws. Because the Sobchak Case is sacred.

What can a daughter say about her father? Even such a daughter, just such a daughter. Only the best. And he will defend him to the last, no matter what they say. And maybe create your own myth. Has the right to.

I personally watched and reveled in the chronicle of the time. A wonderful, free, fabulous time of restructuring. How many hopes were there! The story is about how a simple professor, thanks to a crazy turn of events, first became a people’s deputy, the most popular person in the country, then the most influential mayor of the newly-minted St. Petersburg, and some saw him as the future president … Then a defeat in the elections, compromising evidence, a criminal case, pre-infarction … A mind-blowing escape to Paris, a miraculous escape and return practically on a white horse. And at the end, death, unexpected, unforeseen, incomprehensible.

Life and fate, what else can you say. And the remaining questions: “Was there a boy?”, “Did Sobchak stand the test of power or not?”

Questions, but not the main ones. Because in this film there is another hero who actually became the main character. And for which this film was made.

The one who did not betray, did not turn away, and after the defeat of Sobchak immediately resigned. The one who, already in Moscow in a new position, organized the rescue of Sobchak, all this conspiracy, secret removal of him. The one who later returned him to Russia is no longer subject to jurisdiction. Yes, it was Vladimir Putin. Precisely and only he.

Of course, Ksenia did not try to show it this way, directly, but we understood everything. A very useful movie.

“Today you will die, tomorrow they will say“ poet ”. Today they will show a film, tomorrow they will say “PR”. That’s what we say.

Poet and TV

Now that you have not seen, that you are not looking. You just shout that TV is shit, neither mind nor heart, and you don’t even try to turn on button number 6. So they sent “Culture” to the sludge, to the bottom, below the plinth.


But if you turn it on … Here is the Glass Bead Game with Igor Volgin. It’s not Volgin, and not the invited poet Yevgeny Reina, and not Bykov, whatever you think of him, and not the beautiful Natalya Ivanova … Pasternak is about him. They talked about his poems, about his lyrics. They read these poems like that, reveling, falling in love again and again … As if they stroked Pasternak on the head: dear, dear. Early, late, “Zhivagov”, any. It was as if he, Boris Leonidovich, sat down somewhere nearby on the edge, listening … So it seemed, this is how he appeared to us thanks to all those present – friend, comrade and brother Pasternak.

And Sergei Shargunov in the “Open Book” program spoke about the poet Mariengof, a friend of Yesenin. And as a very young philologist Oleg Demidov spoke about him! Again the effect of presence, here and now, again 3D, interactive, like a poet at the other end of the wire.

Yes, it is for the soul, yes, for the mind. On the very “Culture”, which almost no one needs.