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Health insurance companies choose new tactics on how to hit clients and give money. Some also won strong trumps. For example, hours of practice lessons are a thing of the past for one and a half million patients.

Due to the recession, health insurance companies have started. Contributions for floats, flesh or subsidies for children’s spirits are mostly available. But new ideas have emerged that can be useful, not just a contribution to anything.

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Charging the burst to bursts and hours of hours behind two practical lessons could grow a strait for example clients of the General Health Insurance Company (VZP). The new patient care program called Akord gives them the first two to order their practice at a certain hour and not lose time in line. “The patient should drink on the ad within 15 minutes at the latest,” said VZP Ji Rod.

“More than 1,400 interns are involved in the program, which is 21 percent of interns. The possibility of ordering is now offered for approximately 1.5 million patients, ”remarks VZP. The connection lists are published by the company on the website and inform their patients and the practitioner himself by notifying the notice.

VZP clients do not have to take care of a specialist or order an operation. This is also the practice of medical treatment, which can explain to patients how complicated and urgent the case is. But don’t do it for free, from the insurance company they collect payments for the captain of each VZP client for three and five crowns, in addition, which pins will pay them about five thousand crowns.

“If the patient is not happy with the patient, I can contact the coordinator in charge of the patient and ask him for help and correction,” adds Rod.

Life map. Npad, kter me zachrnit ivot

The Life Card can be considered a good idea. People know electronically about the problems of illness, vaccination, surgery, allergies and other health problems. Only a practical practitioner and a patient may enroll in medical supplies.

“Comprehensive information is used to make accurate diagnoses and better. During the full year, 21 thousand of our clients shared the card, and an average of thousands of new cards were created each week. Although it is an electronic card, even people over the age of 90 buy it, ”notes Hana Kadekov, a spokesman for the Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior, which introduced the Life Card in the Czech Republic.

In addition, the card will also help you save your life in the event of a sudden collapse on the street or you in the event of a car accident. The card holder can be sure that the rescuers can immediately contact the insurance specialist and obtain relevant health information, such as whether the patient is a cardiac, diabetic or allergic. With this information, the patient can decide how to treat the patient on the spot.

Internet communication et al

The youngest health insurance company Mdia bet on electronic communication and personal management here on the Internet. For example, her clients can check the reported health care at any time in their personal office and find out how much the insurance company paid for it. Even with the announcement of new addresses, names and other changes, it is not necessary to go to the branch, they can be easily changed over the Internet directly in person.

“New points are now being given to the client to gain points from the prevention program, and since the middle of the year we have been drawing attention to the preventive examinations for which they are entitled,” explains the planned news Blanka Kramoliov, ZP Mdia.

Get benefits for prevention and health

The Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (PZP) is also trying to improve its clients. “The Medipartner project is a combination of an assistance service, an ordering system and a benefit program, which also motivates clients to take more care of their health,” explains Elenka Mazurov, speaking at PZP.

The points for their own health, which the insurance company attributes to personal clients, can turn people into vouchers and buy vitamins for them, for example, or change them for rehabilitation.

Points for prevention are awarded to clients, for example, by the Metal-Alliance Health Insurance Company. This year, however, only those who undergo a preventive inspection and, in addition, receive two new clients for the insurance company will receive a bonus worth 600 crowns.

The Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior also intended to introduce an ordering system, which is a patient, from the end of May. It has now been launched by an awareness-raising campaign called Health as in, which points out that prevention can be prevented by many called diseases (you can read about the small use of preventive examinations here).

During the mountains, patients pay less for lkae

Employee insurance code is for completely different projects. Be able to shed light on drugs that do not follow the recommended procedures and show, for example, few preventive examinations or the rest of the prescription antibiotics, which may not take it for children at all.

Similarly, the insurance company also checks the quality of services at the contract hospital in Mlada Boleslav. “We monitor order times, the level of medical services and their availability, as well as patient satisfaction,” explains Petr Kvapil from Zamstnaneck pojiovny koda. As he adds, people who get in the rated point of me must meet with his income. Tm motivates them to take care of patients.

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