Pojiovny: on Valentine’s Day we destroyed the ass and heels from the heels

Valentine’s Day, the world of lovers, I drive carefully. According to the insurance company Generali, the number of traffic accidents fell by 14 percent on the 14th. But even so, people do not avoid the unusual insurance claims. For example, when it is long to think whether their paths have half forgotten about them or not.

Last year, the owner of a new car got into an interesting situation and invited the house to a reindeer house. He drove the car to the garage and they both got out. Mladk began to lure the two open on the hood and, after a while, to other intimacies. Due to the fact that slena had shoes on a stiletto heel, the car turned out quite badly. There were many fireplaces and depressions on the hood of the new car.

“Ofr and lover in one person had a bag, because while the car was his and had an accidental connection, his two was not. So he could claim a vandalism code, ”explains Vclav Blek of Allianz.

The dog didn’t like his ass

The young slena from St nad Labem found herself without a bite on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t a bag that her friend would forget about her. He just didn’t think about the front of the drone. The young man tied a small package with a romantic bottom ass with a red ribbon to his dog’s collar. tynoh mazlk ml dvta pivť from work, while ptel was preparing veei. The dog didn’t like the ass, so he vehemently tried to serve the wood from the collar, and he succeeded. Of course, only cry remained from the ass.

“It simply came to our notice then. From the responsibility of the dog owner, the castle would be possible only if the sun was strange. Not domc, ”Blek adds.

The insurance benefit could be paid only if the changed partners did not live together in the household. The lord of the house is not covered by liability. If a neighbor drank for the drill in this way, he would receive insurance benefits from the insurance company.

He forgot about m or not?

Despite the statistics, some idiots and idics 14. A thirty-year-old woman from Prague was returning home with her car on Valentine’s Day. She arrived without sweat and accidents and in front of the house, where she parked at the arrest under a series of cars. But the problem came then.

“I had the engine running, and as I was in front of the house, I wondered if he had forgotten, among other things. I told myself that no, but I was a little surprised for me. It released me, and as I was halved, I released the clutch and gasped. In front of me it was free, only she had it there again, ”described the idik in the mucus.

According to a press spokesman for Generali Jiho Cvky, the code cost 40 thousand crowns.

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