Pojiovny: Nejvce podvdj Praci a Stedoei

This year, the police clarified 57.3 percent of insurance fraud, which is 15 percent more than last year. Fraudulent activity is growing in traditions during the summer holidays. Nejvy nrst hls pojiovny u pojitn vehicles.

The most problematic regions this year are Prague and the Stedoesk region. According to statistics, the number of detected criminals in these regions is half as high as in other regions. According to the police, the least insurance fraud occurred in the first half of this year in the Karlovy Vary region and in the Vysočina region.

In the sweat of fraud lead unequivocally cars

According to world statistics, insurance fraud includes 14 percent of all cases reported by people. In the case of car insurance, it increases, according to 35 percent of insurance companies. “We record insurance fraud for all risks, we believe the fraudulent bag of vehicle insurance,” says David Nastoupil from the insurance company Triglav. For example, Generali detectives reported 50 accidents during the first half of this year. The fraudsters tried to pretend to overestimate and overestimate the code, or they postponed the flow of insurance before the date of the alleged traffic accident.

Even at Allianz, a car insurance led in the sweat of insurance fraud. The first concerns about the high that would be needed to repair a car after an accident, make their owners criminal. “It simply came to our notice then. From the above-mentioned example, it is clear that it will be done very early and punishment just as quickly, ”says Vclav Blek.

With a condition of one year, she took 42 years of ethnicity from Olomouc, who knocked down a doe before the end of last year. Because the bag did not have an accident insurance, she reported the accident several weeks later and described its course in such a way that she parked in the company hall where she works and caught her vehicle while driving a car with everything. Nvs msto srny? Not.

The fact that a damaged car worth 89 thousand crowns is completely inadequate to describe the accident was known to the mobile technician at first sight and confirmed by an expert opinion from the field of transport and car repair. The suspect eventually confessed to another and received a suspended sentence with a probationary period of 12 months.

There are also growing frauds in the insurance of persons

In addition to the cases connected with the insurance of motor vehicles, this year the Czech insurance industry also recorded a number of frauds in the insurance of property and liability of citizens. “With the arrest of the summer tourist season, there are more and more frauds in travel insurance. It is mainly a fake theft of luggage and an artificial extra code in connection with the classes of things from vehicles. In large terms, they appear so many times that they should have gone on vacation, ”says Ludvk Bohman from the Czech Insurance Company and added one example.

Manelsk pr, who travels abroad every year, reported the Czech Republic once. It was supposed to reach the island during outdoor activities. During the liquidation of the spouses, the workers of the insurance company were first sent from the medical facility in Havan to the children and children. The detective’s bag found out that one day it wouldn’t even happen, the documents were forged. At the same time, they tried to apply manel to several couples in the period of about 10 years. The insurance company, of course, refused the insurance indemnity and filed a criminal complaint against the husband.

the code actually happened, but not as high as it was recorded

An insurance claim is considered fraudulent even if the fraudulent act only applies to the indemnity. This is typical especially for so-called opportunistic frauds. They are frequented and the code is usually at most ten thousand crowns. “The principle always repeats itself. The client reported the insurance event that actually happened. At the same time, however, there are codes that do not reach, ”explains Generali pojiovny, Ji Cvka. And uvd example.

The client reported a heated cellar. A week later, after documenting and writing the codes, a mobile technician called the client center, forgetting to report an LCD TV, which he had prepared as a wristband. The operator said that he was very lonely. He also mentioned the store in which he bought the television. Detective Generali just had to call the store to find out if the TV model was just for sale. The client changed his mind and didn’t pay for the codes on the non-existent TV. From his point of view, it was unfortunately late. Due to an attempt at insurance fraud, he had to pay the entire code for the heated cellar.

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