Plzeankm someone from the USA sent you out. He copied their cards and found out his PIN

The robberies of bankers who access their pensions after a small number of bank cards were demanded in Pilsen. At least two fraudsters sent out all pensions. The cases are being investigated by the police.

Last week, Slen Jan called from Komern banka’s payment control center and asked if he was the first in the USA. “I had no idea, ask me when I’m in Pilsen. they told me that someone in Chicago had made two entries from me that there was nothing left on them. Although I blocked the card for a moment, it was too late. The dog 11 thousand crowns disappeared, “Jana described.

Milada turned out exactly the same. So a few days ago, they called from the payment control center, saying that there was nothing left in it after mysterious collections abroad.

“They had to copy my card somewhere at the ATM, because I don’t even have internet banking. The last time I used ATMs in the center of Pilsen, ”said Milada.

Plzesk police confirmed that two criminals have been reported due to fraud. For the time being, no one can read whether the perpetrator misused the data back after the cards were tampered with, or for weeks or months they bounced on the stream against the Czech darkness.

A speech by Komern banka, Monika Klucov, stated that such cases sometimes occur in various localities of the republic and the damaged owner should contact the bank as soon as possible.

“We do not comment on specific cases. Any data from cards, including PINs, is most often used when withdrawing from ATMs. We recommend our clients to always cover the keyboard when entering the PIN. This is a simple and very innovative method of protecting your card against unwarranted debris, ”said Klucov.

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