Pivdlek must also be taxed by students, pensioners and people in parental leave

If you have a beer, you have to pay tax. Even if you are a retiree, student or on parental leave. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re in business or just on brigd.

František Nevesel is a retiree for five years. Two were employed as chests in large furniture companies. Because he did not want to be satisfied with a mere pension, he issued a business license and continued his profession on his own. In addition to business, the income should go from renting a cottage and selling tat.

  • He took a pension of 11 thousand crowns msn, for the year it was 132 thousand crowns. He did not exceed the limit of 288 thousand crowns, above which the old-age pension must be taxed, therefore he will not include these pensions in the tax return.
  • I received 420 thousand crowns from the company last year. His actual expenses for the material were about 200 thousand crowns.
  • He spent 30 thousand crowns for renting the cottage. Dad sold together for 50 thousand crowns.

In addition to the basic tax formula, Frantiek will sail Area 1, where he will state the income from business, and Area 2, where he will fill in the fees for renting and selling dogs.

Full of the same and the formulas would be filled in by the same parents, who are with a small child to a parent, or you students who earn a living as a self-employed person.

Paul, or actual data?

For two of the three, František can choose whether to apply the actual data or the so-called paul in the tax return. In order to make the right decision, he must first stumble for a while.

The coffin is one of the craft activities, while I am deducting more than 80 percent of my income. František was unwise with his ethnicity, but he wrote down the data every night. He actually spent about 200 thousand crowns for the material alone. Tools u ml z dvjka, you made a long time out of work, also not valid for one day. Expenses for electricity, gasoline and repairs drew to 20 and 30 thousand. In total, it could cost 230 thousand crowns. When Paul uses the bag, he will be able to pay 336 thousand crowns. This is better for Frantika.

The second income where he will vote is income. From the rental of real estate, you can deduct but only actual expenses (energy costs, renovations, repairs…), or paul in vi 30 percent. Last year, Frantiek did not have to invest almost anything in the cottage, so opt vol paul and from 30 tiscodetdevt tisckorun.

Mr. František has a bitch that my dad had last year. He received 50 thousand crowns for their sale, which is the third income that must be taxed (like other income according to paragraph 10, it will be entered in the area of ​​the tax return 2). Pekroil therefore has a 20-thousand limit for the tax on shale income. Here, too, my expenses, in this case only those reln. František will state here the 15,000 crowns he was given for veterinary examination, trips for dogs, shackles, childbirth, food for dad and bitch, check-up, ultrasound, X-rays, etc.

Only those who received income from agricultural production are entitled to 80 percent paula in the so-called other incomes.

What a ride

Give tax returns to Frantika one indisputable advantage. I have a tax on the item, which he would not otherwise be able to apply. You pay for supplementary pension, gifts, life insurance, years for living. Tot se tk student i en a mu na rodiovsk.

After František is retired, you can still go with the pension fund, where the MS sent 1,500 crowns. You also get a deposit of 12 thousand crowns for a supplementary pension (for the first payment of six thousand you will receive a large contribution, you do not have to pay the tax deposit).

Another five thousand crowns will be paid to me as a sponsorship gift to a dog dog. When you deduct penalties from the income, the actual data and the deductible items, he receives a fee from which he consumes 15 percent tax. It cost him 18,450 crowns. You don’t have to pay for all this, now there will be a number of deductible discounts.

Even for retirees, students and parents pay a tax credit rebate. Frantiek will receive a discount of 24,840 crowns from the calculated tax for the last year. In his case, da Z will eventually come out. So you don’t have to send a pension to the financial office.

The discount is available for the whole year, even if you only earn money. If the student has a similar income, the person can go in addition to the discount for the student, which is 4,020 crowns per year.

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